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AlYafi Group

Aresco Center Beirut Lebanon


Alyafi Group is a multi-professional group of public accountants and auditors, specialist advisers in finance, business and management, as well as marketing, tax and legal advisers.

Alyafi Group head office based in Lebanon, which was first established as Yafi Bros & Co in 1975 with the aim of providing clients a suite of professional services ranging from auditing to financial and management consulting, taxation, accounting, and other services. We help our clients and our people fulfill their aspirations. We build relationships and develop innovative solutions, which help dynamic people, and organizations create and realize value. Those solutions are based on our unique insights and address the five key sources of value in the new economy: financial, physical, organizational, customer and supplier/employee. We have track record of uninterrupted growth driven by major business innovations and are one of the few firms with a common purpose, international presence and global mind-set.

Alyafi Group provides tailor made financial solutions to emerging and established companies. We have offices in Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt and MENA region.

Alyafi Group is a member of Leading edge Alliance With over 600 offices in 110 countries, LEA Global is one of the largest international professional associations of independently owned accounting and consulting firms.

Alyafi Group, maintains quality work through Kudos International which is part of the forum of firms, recognized by the international federation of accountants “IFAC”.


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The firm is ranked among the top world’s largest accounting firms which provide audit, tax, business advisory, legal services, regulations and customs, corporate governance services, outsourcing services and Human resources to support business activities on a global scale.