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Dolmen Development Ltd

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Dolmen Development Ltd UK Long track record in the real estate market has positioned it as a leader in this sector. The projects acquired by the company enhanced its experience in the market in providing turnkey integrated project solutions. Dolmen through its subsidiaries can plan, develop and execute projects in the UK, GCC, Europe, and Africa. The strength of the work is mainly highlighted by providing all the supply chain of projects through its subsidiaries. The company that started in 1990 as a contracting company has evolved to cover all aspects of real estate projects.

The Company puts forward undeniable enhancements to projects through our exceptional Design and Engineering team in addition to the effective performance and leadership skills of the Management and Contracting teams. The Manufacturing sector is equipped with multiple production line machines that allow the successful accomplishment of a multitude of specialized trades to suit specific requirements for each project.


Dolmen Development Ltd UK is well acquainted with the demands of today’s fast-paced development field and thus we offer the finest products and services, in conjunction with complete adherence to the program of work that we impose. will operate mainly in the following business units:

  • Design and Consultancy Engineering
  • Trading of construction materials and FF&E
  • Health Care Inception Protocol Assessment
  • Real Estate & Assets management
  • Project Management and EPCM
  • Facilities and Property Management services
  • Engineering Facades and Envelopes
  • Clinical Experience & Advanced Technology
  • Manufacturing and production lines
  • Sustainable Healthcare Ecosystem| ICT Systems
  • Construction and Medical Equipment
  • Prefabricated concrete element for the construction
  • Branding, Digital Marketing, and Sale strategy
  • Sustainable Economic viability development
  • Environmental protection green development
  • Modular Precast Concrete Housing System
  • Construction 3d Printing Technology (3DCP)


The company was founded to take advantage of the long and intensive international experience made by its founder in the creative services related to construction, engineering, and retail real estate industries. The company and its panel of partners collected over the years can guarantee the best quality solution for any specific project selected in Europe or abroad.

Our Research and Development departments ensure the highest standards and specifications for all our products and are continuously working for the growth and enlargement of the wide variety of services and for introducing other innovative trades. Dolmen UK has extensive experience in providing a wide range of expertise to the real estate industry. the
company with the six core areas of activities They takes on development contracts, and provide services adopting business strategies and activities that meet the needs of the enterprise and its stakeholders today while protecting, sustaining, and enhancing the human and natural resources that will be needed in the future.

Dolmen Development Ltd UK acts as a key driver to find new opportunities and projects for a panel of selected companies that are consistent and complementary, to complete one another and to cover the maximum range of fields of business and activities, based on the strong and long track of experience DOLMEN the UK has collected over the past years.

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