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Talis Kosovo LLC

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Tax Audit Legal International Services was firstly established in response to the need of the Albanian market for reliable and competent professionals, capable of providing clients with complete – business, accounting, audit and legal – services so as to enable them to invest and operate without concerns in the market of Albania. After considering the potential of the market in Kosovo, we decided to expand there.

After its independence, Kosovo has made great progress in many areas of its development, such as: improving political stability, increasing security levels, a stable economy with steady growth, integrating legislation, etc. It has become an important part of regional cooperation initiatives, through which it has achieved the creation of a common regional market, the elimination of customs tariffs, the elimination of trade barriers and the opening up of new prospects.

A stable macroeconomic environment, a stable financial system has been established, fiscal policy reforms have been introduced to apply the lowest tax rates in the region. Among the important objectives that our country has set itself is the increase in the competitiveness of the country’s economy in the regional market.

There are are alot of benefits that Kosovo offers for potential foreign and domestic investors. To start with, taxes in Kosovo are very low compared to neighboring countries and the tax system is kept extremely simple. Also, 70% of the population are under 35 offering a new and motivated workforce with strong spirit and strong entrepreneurial skills and also general knowledge of most European languages.

The business registration system in Kosovo is another factor that drives investment growth, with simplified procedures and rapid registration of new businesses for a short period.

All this marks Kosovo as a very attractive country with investment opportunities for every investor in various sectors, such as privatization in which the privatization and granting of large public companies such as: Kosovo Post and Telecom and Distribution System Electricity, as well as investments in green areas, where favorable opportunities in providing physical infrastructure offer industrial parks.

The total number of foreign companies operating in Kosovo amounts to about 4210, while investments in the banking system represent the greatest financial value with foreign capital.

Foreign capital has a wide geographical distribution from 80 countries around the world, where Albania is in first place in terms of number of registered companies.


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