Financial services

Moores Rowland assists its clients in forming their business models and applies strategies according to future needs. We concentrate on risk and regulation, financial techniques, financial crime forensics, customer habit change, as well as emerging technologies and digital improvements.

We assist our clients concentrate on the future of the financial statements while they form their business models and apply future strategies. Our professional team in financial services conducts continuous research on the impact of key financial issues such as risk and regulation, financial forensics crime, mobile and digital innovations technologies as well as customer habit changes.

We design and execute verified business methodologies for business transformation. Our technical capabilities were constructed to meet data analysis, cyber and transformation technology which are most valuable to our clients.  

Financial statements Technology:

Change in technology is accelerating in the ecosystem nowadays. Financial service industry are affected by the technological developments which obliges companies modify their systems accordingly.

Today with the advancement of technology and its impact in changing most business sectors, especially related to financial services sector, each of our clients are wondering what next steps they need to take for their business operations. This gives us the chance to provide our global experience and our best practices to support our clients.

Moores Rowland Financial Services practice professionals provide their services worldwide. We serve large and multinational banks, insurance companies, investment managers, broker-dealers, and hedge funds. Our Financial Services Consulting Team is global and is sectors oriented across our network.

Financial services shaped by Financial Technology:

The financial services industry has emerged from the Great Recession with momentum and a focus on growth. Innovations in FinTech (financial technology) are making way for new players to become leaders in the finance and insurance industry. Retail banks are increasingly reliant on mobile technology for customer acquisition and retention, while global investments in FinTech have doubled. Communities are embracing the growth of the FinTech sector with incubators and accelerators that focus specifically on this high growth, high income sector. Explore how your community can capitalize on this dynamic growth opportunity.

Financial services as a strategy to  Guide Blockchain:

Blockchain technology could become a game-changing force in trading, where trust is at a premium, and where people need protection from identity theft — including the public sector (managing public records and elections), healthcare (keeping records anonymous but easily available), retail (handling large-ticket purchases such as auto leasing and real estate), and, of course, all forms of financial services. Indeed, some farsighted banks are already exploring how blockchain might transform their approaches to trading and settling, back-office operations, and investment and capital assets management. The technology could become a differentiating factor in their own capabilities, enabling them to process transactions with more efficiency, security, privacy, reliability, and speed. Blockchain may convert transactions to the same level that the (GPS) Global Positioning System changed the transportation industry through making data available through electronic platform.