BDO Improves Digital Advisory Solutions With BDO Digital

The BDO Digital, LLC has been introduced as a digital advisory business targeting on assisting middle market firms harness invention and seize the complete power of technology

Digital interruption is both a threat and an exceptional prospect for the middle market. It’s a new global order of growing connectivity, convolution and possibility, one that no industry can overlook: As per the BDO’s imminent 2020 CFO Stance Review, 55% of middle market firms are hunting the digital revolution approaches this year. Nevertheless, have no funds and knowledge to make the revolution a reality.
Devoted to meeting the definite requirements of the middle market as they traverse the interruption, BDO Digital provides consumers an all-inclusive range of technology and revolution strategy competencies, custom-made by industry. The Solution extents include:

• Digital Approach
• Change Administration
• Application Development
• Technology & Cloud Solutions
• IT Outsourcing
• Privacy & internet security
• Data Analytics & Insights
• Governance, Compliance & Risk

Bob Knott, partner of BDO USA and co-leader of BDO Digital, said “BDO Digital has is fully dedicated on the transformational effect of technology on trade as well as people, besides delivering structures.” “We assist customers visualize the potentials, improve and implement answers and, most significantly, lead them through the transformational administration essentially to attain the anticipated outcomes. It is true Digital is in our blood. However, we can never forget the human aspect.”

The crew containing over 400 digital advisory specialists is built from the firm’s legacy Technology & Business Transformation Services exercise and SWC Technology Partners, LLC, a fully owned subsidiary of BDO USA, LLP and an award-winning provider of IT services to middle market trades across the Midwest.

“Over the past decade, BDO has built up a formidable range of digital competencies, which includes data privacy and internet security, automation & analytics, digital transformation services and IT consulting,” stated Stephanie Giammarco, partner of BDO USA, LLP and co-leader of BDO Digital. “With the BDO Digital information, we’re espousing those abilities to deliver more complete results and approaches that tackle all aspects of our clients’ digital requests, from architecting a digital revolution approach to figuring out how to pay for it.”

The national Managing Partner for Advisory Services at BDO USA, LLP, Jay Duke, stated, “BDO Digital is a regular extension of our fundamental purpose: enabling people to prosper daily.” “Succeeding in this age of digital distraction necessitates for fresh ways of thinking and innovative methodologies. The introduction of BDO Digital strengthens the company’s obligation to assisting our customers traverse the digital atmosphere through an all-inclusive, industry-centric lens. We’ll continue building out our digital competences through investment in top talent, service innovation and calculated partnerships and procurements.”