Kreston Int’l Hires New Chair

Rich Howard has been appointed as Kreston International’s new chair, after Bent Kofoed’s 4 year term as chair lapsed.


Howard has worked with Kreston since CBIZ MHM joined the system in the year 2005 and became part of the board in the year 2014.


On top of Howard’s promotion, Martin Hommersom and Eustis Corrigan become members of the BOD. Elena Ramírez Marín, Edmond Chan, Andrew Griggs and Francisco Bracamonte were re-elected as BDO members.


Speaking on his employment position, Howard stated: “This is a very exhilarating time to work at Kreston as we go on with our advancement as a system and attain innovative and distinctive methods to help our membership carry out more global trade together. I am optimistic of my new position at Kreston, helping the system together with its membership with the implementation of our strategic blueprint and being persistent in building policy that backs our lasting growth and development.


“We’re building something really special at Kreston, with a highly competent team being established and really proving the value Kreston International can offer to clients internationally.


“I want to say a big thank you to Mr. Bent and commend him on what he has accomplished as Chair and I am looking forward to the tasks ahead. I’m gratified with the course we’ve taken to this point and I’m extremely enthusiastic about what the tomorrow has in store for Kreston. We’ve just started!”