MSI Global Alliance Celebrates Thirty Years

On a positive note, MSI Global Alliance just entered its 30th year and announced 4 new members appointed from a wide geographic area.


These new members include; Japanese law firm Sonderhoff & Einsel situated in Tokyo Japan, which now joints up with MSI with 14 associate members, Warsaw and Wroclaw based accountancy firm Credos Accounting Services as well as Ahnse Law Offices, established in Seoul Korea. The new associate members are completed by the accountancy firm Progress Services based in Quito, Ecuador.


MSI was established in 1990 by the accountants who are based in London, Dusseldorf multidisciplinary firm Strater (now known as ADKL - Abels Decker Kuhfuß & Partner) and Macintyre (now known as haysmacintyre). They saw it best to establish a global association consisting of tax advisers, auditors as well as lawyers that will provide solutions to clients across numerous global jurisdictions. Since then, the association has experienced exponential growth and now represented through over 260 members in 100+ countries across the globe.


Since its inception, the collaboration has been a major focus for MSI, and this is mirrored in the ever collective amount of cross-border work that members are executing on behalf of their clients.


In his remarks on the anniversary of MSI Global Alliance, CEO Tim Wilson stated, “This year signifies a milestone for us that we’ll truly celebrate. The year will conclude in our yearly forum in Sydney in Oct. 2020. We as well organize a chain of events, communications and publications throughout 2020 to mark this season in our developments as among of the top associations worldwide.


We’ve in the past few days accomplished a major policy exercise and have a strong long-term vision. This will definitely serve us properly in the future and I’m sure this approach will prove to be attractive to accounting practices and the law firms intending to join us.”