Travel to work For Workers

Speaking on the ONS statistics indicating that 53% of workers did travel to their workplace at least once during the week to 14th March, Winckworth Sherwood, partner, Louise Lawrence, stated: “Business owners and workers alike have encountered extensive tasks over the last 12 months, so it is so encouraging know that our study indicated that the many workers who are still in work are of the view that their bosses ought to have tackled the condition better.

“The study indicates that for the most part, business owners have taken a virtuous approach, instead of attempting to push through a fresh plan when workers are a bit apprehensive and possibly set to embrace disadvantageous changes. Nevertheless, it is crystal clear that there’s still room for perfection, mainly in relation to communication and engagement with workers. Approximately 1/3 of business owners surveyed thought they had guaranteed suitable engagement and communication with the workers during the COVID-19 pandemic, and close to a quarter had re-aligned exclusive pay in line with broader staff payment and job package cuts.

“After one year of lockdowns, working-from-home and economic destitution, the study indicated that the top 5 enhancements that workers stated that bosses could make are firstly, safeguarding greater engagement as well as communication; secondly, being more empathetic; thirdly, adopting flexibility in working schedules; fourthly, provide more wellbeing enterprises; and finally, to bring into line executive pay rewards where the entire workforce has had to accept low payment packages.”

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