Vibrant Leader Sought After For IESBA Chair

A worldwide search has commenced for an extremely skilled person to be the ensuing Chairperson of the IESBA.

We’re searching for an executive with substantial and senior expertise who’ll be much acknowledged in the specialized and regulatory communities. Applicants from a wide range of pertinent backgrounds, which includes but not limited to investor, business, corporate governance, regulatory, academia and the accountancy and legal professions, are encouraged to send their applications.

The IESBA Chair is a full-time managerial position with a primary appointment for a 3-year tenure that could be renewed for a full tenure of 9 years. The formal start date is 1st Jan. 2022 with the transition period starting as early as Sep. 2021. Extensive universal travel is anticipated for this position to guarantee active partnership with all key investors and to endorse IESBA and its exertion.

A vital component of the IESBA Chairperson’s responsibility is to make sure that the actions of the IESBA uphold the interest of the public while increasing quality ethics, including independence, values for the universal auditing profession. The IESBA Chairperson should be independent from the audit profession and execute his/her responsibilities without any unwarranted professional, economic or political influence.

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