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Banking and capital Markets

Moores Rowland member firms provide their clients, of retail banks, clearing houses, and capital markets; with full financial professional services whether in the local, national or international level.

Banking and capital Markets:

Retail and investment banks are facing challenges in the current age where they need to meet continuous capital increase requirements, adopt simplified legal organizations, accept costs to meet and comply with new regulations. In addition to previous challenges, the new regulations related to FATCA, EMIR and Volcker Rule compliance as well as application of trade surveillance, operations and cyber security are part of Moores Rowland member firms capabilities all over the world.

Moores Rowland member firms provide their clients, of retail banks, clearing houses, and capital markets; with full financial professional services whether in the local, national or international level. We understand key issues, clients’ vision, and assist them in minimizing regulators complex requirements impact on their operations.

Reconsidering capital markets operations:

The digital innovation and capital market insightful change enforced capital market leaders to seek new prospects, cut loss making operations, diversify into new business areas and cut costs. It has to be noted that traditional techniques that rely on cutting headcounts and outsource non-core functions to lower cost countries is not sufficient any more. Moores Rowland helps organizations to navigate complicated processes and to strategize, prioritize and implement initiatives that enable the transformation of technology environment and operations. To achieve reconsidering capital markets operations organizations has to:

  • Improve data management to mitigate risks:

Organizations need to have strong, flexible data management system to retain data integrity and meet intensive data reporting requirements.

  • Trail sustainable cost decrease opportunities:

Adopt sustainable cost decrease initiatives in the ongoing management costs and manage operations and technology tasks through creating product models to decrease costs.

  • Leverage operations and data technology:

Organizations have to leverage their operations and data technology for their current delivery models. That is why providing new service areas is vital to diversify revenues.

  • Create governance models to manage transformation:

Establish a thorough roadmap and create governance models to manage transformation and delivery framework together with instruments to manage risks.

Trading risk:

Trade surveillance and reporting control are becoming more important for the effectiveness of financial institutions. Although it is not easy to create an official ownership structure and governance structure since many operate their systems with little testing and management reporting. Moores Rowland believes that Data and control are the two main areas:

  • Data: the ability of monitoring and getting the right data in the right time became critical to properly manage effective trade surveillance.
  • Controls: organizations have to build up their controls for their processes to manage the trade surveillance in a proper way.

Trading Risk Solutions:

We provide risk services to major investment banks, and investment and asset managers. Our risk solutions professionals assist in ensuring the proper management and prevention of fraud and misconduct. We provide services related to the following:

  • Prohibited trading
  • Market manipulation
  • Operational risk
  • Automated – program trading risk and controls

Moores Rowland provides trading risk issues to its clients and financial institutions. Our solutions address fraud, misconduct and other related issues such as:

  • Risk assessment and solutions
  • Benchmarking analysis with peers
  • Cost benefit case reports
  • Program planning and governance
  • Technology and system formation
  • Data accumulation and analysis
  • Execution and conveyance
  • Risk framework design

Capital markets transformation and technology:

The changes in the market place are heavily pressured to support business strategy, follow up on the continuing cost efficiencies that comply with regulatory developments. Today leaders in capital markets realize that passive strategy reaction is no longer a proper option for managing capital market. Based on that, most of them look for profitable business and avoid high cost operations.


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