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Tax Services

Our clear principles support our network while they deliver tax services to our clients. Tax payers may manage their tax issues provided they comply with legal requirements.

Tax Transparency and business environment:

The global business environment has pushed governments to increase their standards while spending their budgets and increase the tax rates and revenues to balance and decrease their budget deficits. Investors, NGOs and Media were also pushing governments to be more transparent in stating their actual applied laws and regulations and how companies are contributing to assist in fixing the public debt deficit through their contribution in tax.

Tax reporting rules:

Corporates has to consider tax transparency and benefit from the opportunity, to influence the path towards more effective long term solution of transparent reporting. While doing this, corporates should respond to ethical standards, governance requirements’ as well as maintain the rights of stakeholders, where this will sooner or later effect on the economies in general.

Tax transparency may represent different meanings in different contexts, however tax planning, tax compliance and tax payments represent the stakeholders comfort zone for the fair amount of taxes paid. Based on above both mandatory and voluntary paid taxes demonstrate significant elements of tax transparency.

A global tax advisor:

While providing global tax advices we adopt our clients’ perspective taking into consideration business type and industry kind. While providing our opinion we predict economic growth to assist clients take the best decisions to their favor. We provide this service through capitalizing on our wide and accumulated experience aiming to achieve the highest, opportunist quality of tax advice. Our approach encompass designing the most suitable tax structure elevating the pressure burden from the clients’ and evaluating available options taking into consideration contingent risks especially while operating in cross border business. Our professional advisors distributed in most of the world, where we manage our clients’ tax issues through liaison officers who are representing the clients’ interests. This enables our clients access specialized services form country tax experts.

Moores Rowland Tax Code of Conduct:

Our teams all over the world have to abide with Moores Rowland global code of conduct where we stand for building trust in our societies and standing to resolve significant problems. Our clear principles support our network while they deliver tax services to our clients. Tax payers may manage their tax issues provided they comply with legal requirements. Also tax payers have the right to use independent consultation regarding their tax issues. The global economic competition between national laws to attract investors encompasses unclear regulations that need the interference of a tax expert. Based on the above, Moores Rowland member firms adopt the following Tax code of conduct:

  • Comprehend and comply with legal requirements and Tax regulations.
  • Provide business tax efficient solutions and financial decisions.
  • Use local laws and regulations and applied treaties resolutions while solving tax disputes.
  • Review their tax internal controls to assure its efficiency in mitigating Tax risks

The clients we serve:

We assure that our clients embrace high ethics and integrity in all their business and financial activities where our systems impose conducting a backup check before accepting new clients and assure that our new clients anticipate compliance with legal Tax regulations. In this respect we concentrate on the following:

  • The clients’ reputational history while conducting their business actions.
  • Assure that the client is in a legitimate business and understand who is in control and influence on their financial interest and funding.
  • Any potential conflict of interest in the client / firm relationship.
  • Related professional, ethical and legal requirements
  • Management reliability and integrity as well as their reactions and answers following crises.

How we perform:

Moores Rowland member firms:

  • Perform in compliance with laws and applied regulations.
  • Adopt applied technical standards
  • Fulfill and apply integrity and objectivity professional standards.
  • Guide in accordance with appropriate disclosures mandated by laws and regulations.

Our principles:

  • Clients’ Tax counseling related to declarations should be supported with reliable basis in Tax law.
  • Our advice is based on the fact that Tax authorities get full related facts and information and that the client is transparent in providing full disclosures in compliance with laws and regulations
  • Provide appropriate alternatives with regard to our tax code of conduct principles.
  • Our advice is provided in accordance with the precise facts delivered by our clients to issue our opinion.

We believe and ask our teams to adopt and apply our Tax code of ethics principles and we encourage them to refer back to us any time they are in doubt.

Tax services:

Moores Rowland offers its clients with a wide range of services that ae fully integrated to tax services. We associate vision with novelty from different disciplines with the business and the industry knowledge to help our clients develop and grow internationally.

Our tax services include business taxes, Global taxes, transfer pricing, tax reconstruction and management, taxes on transactions services; mergers and acquisitions, buy-in and buy-out, research and development taxes, private companies’ taxes, international employer tax service, digital tax services and business solutions tax services.

Business taxes:

We provide serious knowledge in tax and regulatory requirements. Also we have an extensive experience in the global applied practices. We make sure to deliver a consistent and stable level of services across all jurisdictions where we associate our advice with our best practice framework and our reliable approach. We tend to simplify the tax matters while delivering our advices to adopt strategic resolutions where our partners and associates acquire the needed experience to provide the service.

Global taxes:

Moores Rowland teams of tax experts provide tax advices to multinational companies to assist them link their business with tax compliance and legal framework. Our teams of international professional tax experts deliver a n inclusive set of tax services whenever needed.

International Tax services:

Corporates chasing international operations needs support in International tax planning and compliance. International businesses are faced by tax challenges and legislations which requires experienced support to survive in a competitive global market.

International tax approach requires team planning while operating in international marketplace where Moores Rowland experts assist in designing the proper structure for a tax efficient structure, nationally and internationally.

Our International tax services include tax planning and compliance planning:

  • Tax planning includes the following:
  • Applying income tax treaties and withholding taxes
  • Corporate structure analysis
  • Emergent tax services
  • Export incentives creation
  • Incoming and outgoing transaction tax planning and reporting
  • Mergers, acquisitions and liquidating taxes
  • Resident and non-resident tax consulting services
  • Transfer pricing preparations and consulting services
  • VAT and sales tax analysis
  • Tax compliance includes the following:
  • Annual tax reporting declarations
  • Corporates tax registration
  • Compliance with tax treaties disclosures
  • Diagnostic and quantitative solutions
  • Due diligences on tax resulting from mergers and acquisitions

Transfer Pricing:

The global business nature is relevant to continuous flow of products and services that surpass borders and business entities. Today the continuous pressure of regulatory bodies on corporates in scrutinizing and monitoring, corporates needs to organize and document analysis to defend their selves. Our experts assist corporates cross over the tax systems of different countries to avoid risk and costs.

Moores Rowland assists its clients in applying and benefiting of transfer pricing in their tax planning through benefiting from the different departments of a company to make transactions with each other on Labor or trade or any other part of the actual costs. However; and in order to apply transfer pricing in a proper way, these departments has to be considered as separate entities. The actual meaning of transfer pricing is transfer cost of commodity or service. These departments have to be in charge of their own profits and so they transact with other divisions to determine costs and these transfers have to be documented properly. Generally transfer pricing is highly used when different departments of the same group are in different jurisdictions. Moores Rowland assists their clients manage their risks through aligning transfer pricing with the business operations and strategy.

Tax management reconstruction:

Corporates tax planning is becoming more complex day after day with the rising complications in the world and with our team of tax experts in management reconstruction Moores Rowland can assist its clients achieve the best tax plan management. Moores Rowland can assist its clients in structuring the key aspects of tax in their different jurisdictions and how provisions apply in practice, and how to arrange the transfer of assets from one company to another as well s guidance on distributions in overseas and explain the loan relationship and withholding taxes derivative contracts as well as what is related to intangible fixed assets.

Taxes on transactions services; mergers and acquisitions, buy-in and buy-out:

The taxes related to mergers and acquisition, joint ventures, equity investments, and buy-in and buy-out are complicated and they differ from one jurisdiction to another, this is where Moores Rowland assists its clients apply the most convenient and legal framework in setting the transactions to avoid unnecessary taxes on their clients. As an example the federal taxes in USA differentiate between the retiring partners (retiring share holder) leaving a business and an entity that is classified as a corporation and another entity that is classified as a partnership when dealing with redemption and recovery of taxes. This issue is applied in other jurisdictions however in another ways and techniques. Moores Rowland tax experts assist our clients deal with the complications of multi-jurisdictions taxes including compliance risk management of taxes and reporting as well assist them in dealing with the accounting, legal, regulatory, cultural, and labor issues.

Research and development taxes:

When we address Research and development expenses, we can consider them as capital expenses; however these expenses may be deducted from current business expenditures. However different jurisdictions apply different solutions especially if they apply the IFRS in their accounts. In USA you may deduct the Research and development expenses from the revenues of the year you incurred or a corporation may amortize the expenditure over a period of not less than 5 years. Also in some cases a corporate may claim the research and development credit from the tax authorities for certain qualified expenditures. Also many countries provide and offer incentives or grants for the research and development in certain areas such as clean energy and digital economy.

Private companies’ taxes:

Moores Rowland assists its clients with a wide range of services related to companies’ success and profits, owners’ personal goals and professional goals. Family planning succession may result in extremely high taxes if not properly planned for. We assist businesses plan and strategize for their taxes to avoid unnecessary taxes. Managing taxes is a complicated issue whether it is for a business or a personal tax. Increased penalties and enforcements are becoming a burden if not properly managed and planned for.

International employer tax service:

Nowadays companies grow in an unexpected way and expand cross borders, and so challenges related to business are to comply with different tax systems and regulation, together with employment issues which affect the capability of companies to continue, if these challenges were not addressed properly. Moores Rowland provides plans hat assists corporates in their strategies in transforming global employment packages into a rational tax and competent way. We pursue compensation benefits as well as international assignments and double tax treaties signed and applied.

Digital tax services:

Digital tax services encounter 4 pillars that are related to each other, which are; compliance, digital service, support and growth. As businesses face quick changes in regulations, authorities are becoming unbending in defining revenues, together with the developments in technologies. Priorities vary from one corporate to another and so there is no one correct solution that suits all. Compliance has strict deadlines that should be met to avoid penalties. Digital tax services encounter compliance to maintain the business up to date with filing deadlines to avoid filing penalties. Digital Tax covers a wide range of compliance services to keep your business up to date with filings, deadlines and keep you in control of your business and declarations of your accounts. Digital services allow the business to move everywhere. This enables to control the business. Support is vital to digital tax, as jeopardizing not to own the right information may lead to wrong business decisions. Growth is a part of any successful business and having the proper tool enables the corporate grow to higher level.

Business solutions tax services:

Moores Rowland assists business in leveraging unconventional solution model. Our approach is to improve the management, vision, accounting control, taxes and human resources. We provide the transactions recording, financial statements preparation, reviewing suppliers’ invoices credit and debut bill processing, uploading payments and monetization of accounts as well as register all assets short and long term. Services include payroll processing, benefits payments and human resources support.

Taxes include corporate income tax, Local and municipal taxes, value added taxes, withholding taxes, tax filing, tax reporting, information request support and property tax.

Indirect tax services:

Our services encompass providing tax services related to transaction taxes including VAT, inco9me tax, transaction analysis, compliance.

We are proud that we serve as a one stop shop, through or global presence, to international companies operating in more than one jurisdiction through providing an in-depth experience and vision on the indirect systems of different countries all over the world. .

The Global Tax Regulation & BEPS (Base Erosion & Profit Shifting):

The global initiative to correct the global tax systems adopted by the OECD through the BEPS, the base erosion and profit shifting initiative, deals with changing the play of the game international companies were using to avoid taxes and evade taxes.

Tax reporting strategy:

At Moores Rowland we rebuild taxes through design, define and deploy tax as a business strategy since many government tax departments suffer and face challenges from complex compliance and reporting requirements as well as data massive size complication and applied manual processes which create risks. In addition to that, the lack of cooperation between different finance departments and business tasks triggers inefficiencies across tax administrations. Based on that tax departments need to consider improving people and culture, data processing, and applied technology that build value to businesses. Tax administrations are increasing the role of their tax experts to encompass research and analysis using technologies to develop performance and teamwork.

Our services include:

  • Aligning tax requirements with available tax data in order to be combined with technical tax tools
  • Assessing tax departments to provide strategies and solutions that increase tax performance
  • Improve tax existing data processes, implanting controls and tax provision technologies that address complex accounting requirements
  • Organize and automate tax data to leverage data

Global Tax Change Initiative:

The Global Tax Change Initiative by the OECD brings a new dimension to the global tax systems, while giving special attentions to transparency, reliability, making information publically available within tax authorities. The international tax scenery is facing serious changes in the tax application due to business challenges.

Country-by-country tax reporting:

The OECD issued a detailed report detailed in Action 13 for country by country tax reporting implementation package on tax issues and the problem is that multi-national corporations that worth billions of US$ were able to pay less than 1% as taxes. The multi-national has tax secret deals with reputable states such as Luxemburg in Europe, and the list includes big names that are beyond imagination. These deals are completed behind closed doors.

Tax Analytics:

Our tax analytics services developed rapidly as a tool for what is needed to be done for tax analysis, and our services include using accounting methods, transaction cost analysis, energy initiative incentives, and asset reconciliation and validation services, fixed assets review and cost segregation. In principle we use best practices and success storied to extract the standard rate of taxes and usually our work is conducted in three phases;

Phase 1 Gathering documentation and review

Phase 2 Analysis and documentation

Phase 3 Conclusion and project delivery

Tax Legal services:

Moores Rowland provides tax consulting and legal advisory to local and international corporates that specializes in several economic activities. Providing tax legal services is part of our mission taking into consideration not to jeopardize our independence or the integrity values. Our team comprise of lawyers, auditors and tax experts.

We deliver our multitask services through our professional teams who join efforts and brainstorm together while delivering tax legal solutions. Our long experience in the international marketplace as well as our qualified professionals with long practice and sound respect strengthen our pledge to deliver world class services. Our tax legal services include the following:

  • Advisory on tax inheritances and donations
  • Business structuring
  • Corporate services
  • Contracts
  • Family equity structuring
  • Financing strategies
  • International taxation
  • Incorporations of companies
  • Legal books record keeping
  • Legal opinions in tax and commercial matters
  • Labor and social security advisory services
  • Labor and social due diligence
  • Labor consultancy services
  • Profit distribution
  • Transfer pricing
  • Tax proceeding before courts of justice
  • Tax recovery

Tax compliance and reporting:

Moores Rowland professionals may assist corporates comply with corporate income taxes, royalty, production taxes, and tax calculations and reporting. Tax compliance and reporting is a big hassle for companies where we understand the complexity of different industries to access visibility and control, and so we apply our approach which combines local requirements with international best practices requirements.

Tax controversy and dispute resolution:

Governmental Tax authorities make their tax examinations and issue their tax assessments, fines and penalties, however they make mistakes and they are not always right, Moores Rowland assist clients resolve and finalize tax disputes, controversies and procedural issues.

Our tax experts have deep experience in assisting clients defend their position against tax assessments. We help clients understand potential examination issues and alerting them from an IRS view as well as from a state tax view.

Our services include the following:

  • Appeals on tax assessments through representations to expedite resolutions to decrease tax assessments
  • Collection matters through assisting in defining the accuracy of tax liability and assist remove liens and levies
  • Examinations through managing process and narrowing tax audit scope to resolve audit rapidly and competently
  • Penalty reduction whether it is related to late filing or late payments or missing filing required information
  • Proactive tax planning where we identify and assist in mitigating tax issues before they convert to disputes
  • Taxpayer advocate requests through engaging on the clients behalf to assist resolve in procedural issues with tax departments

Improving Tax Business model:

The global tax change is ongoing and the big questions corporates has to ask is whether their tax model is the right tax model or not and whether using it enables them to maximum flourish? At Moores Rowland we assist corporates in aligning their operating model with global tax objectives to optimize their profitability and value.

In principle such assistance is not easy especially with the increasing regulatory constraints and public analysis combined with the OECD Base Erosion Profit Shift (BEPS) project which is trying to change the rules of the game in the world.

Moores Rowland International Tax Guide:

Investors who would like to explore better operating conditions and investment environment where we provide a guide covering more than 100 jurisdictions where it highlights on the most important issues related to tax and investment conditions.

Digital Government Transformation:

Moores Rowland is a pioneer in assisting governments to change to digitalized platforms. It is important to governments to build simple and faster digital systems to serve the public to avoid corruption. In doing this governments may start digitalizing how to vote or how to renew a paten or how to issue a driving license, file their tax declaration, or issue a visa, a passport, identity, vehicle management, and the list continues with no end and this is only an example for what can be done as it is the beginning.

OECD CBC report on digital data exchange:

The OECD report issued under Action 13 on a Country-by-Country basis on Reporting Implementation where it emphasizes on , from the tax administration to secure and assure the protection of Tax information whether in printed or digital forms, and apply security measurements to protect information from media access and unauthorized users, from the moment they receive the information, as well as explains on how to destroy or sanitize the digital information.

Tax Alerts and Newsletters:

Subscribe to Moores Rowland tax alerts newsletter and receive alerts and newsletters directly by email.

The global tax landscape continues to change, with near-constant news hitting the headlines regarding shifting tax policy, increasing levels of enforcement and the growing potential of reputational risk.

Multinational companies now have to balance more competing priorities than ever before, ensuring they protect their business by monitoring and responding to changes, while maintaining the highest levels of compliance and continuing to add value from the tax function.

Governments work to secure each tax dollar they’re due

From a policy perspective, all governments want their country to be viewed as an attractive place to do business, to attract jobs and capital in a competitive globalized arena.

At the same time, they want to increase the amount of revenue they bring in. Governments are treading a fine line, constantly assessing how to secure the tax revenues they see as rightly theirs, while at the same time being in direct competition with other nations, making sure they do not scare off mobile capital.

Tax administrations are adapting their enforcement strategies, focus and policies in response to the changing business dynamics. They are working to ensure resources are being applied to the right issues and taxpayers, and to share leading practices and taxpayer information with their foreign counterparts to help collect every dollar due.

Disputes are on the rise

The result has been more frequent, complex and higher value disputes between taxpayers and taxing authorities — a trend that is increasing as countries collaborate together and as emerging markets gain in stature and influence, taking a more sophisticated approach to taxation. Penalties are becoming more stringent and the threat of reputational risk has risen significantly.

We can help you navigate a route through the complexities

We can help you monitor and react to quickly-changing tax policy and assess the economic and fiscal impact.

Where tax policies might create an impediment to your business that is unintended by policy makers, we can help you collaborate – either solely or as part of a group of companies – with government to:

  • Explain the impediment
  • Develop alternative policy choices which are logical and well thought out
  • Model the potential outcomes
  • Deliver an alternative choice to the government in a form with which policymakers can comfortably work

We also help you address your global tax controversy, enforcement and disclosure needs. We focus on pre-filing controversy management and help you properly and consistently prepare your returns and the relevant back-up documentation.

Where a controversy has already occurred, our professionals leverage the firm’s collective knowledge of how tax authorities operate, and increasingly work together, to help resolve difficult or sensitive tax disputes. To ensure that continuous performance improvements are instigated after a controversy, we work across our network of professionals to ensure that similar events are less likely to occur.


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