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Forensic Services

Forensic services vary from evidence recovery, anti-terrorism investigation, anti-money laundry, dispute services and fraud investigation. We can assist company owners in maintaining their assets and protecting them.

Forensic services vary from evidence recovery, anti-terrorism investigation, anti-money laundry, dispute services and fraud investigation. We can assist company owners in maintaining their assets and protecting them. We are able to assist and scrutinize financial statements and accounting books whether electronic or hard copy and we also explore contracts and meet people while conducting our duties in forensic services. We can assist our clients in solving complicated criminal actions and act on their behalf in defending them against economic crime.

Our worldwide skilled professional team is able to overcome and block; corruption, fraud actions, cybercrime hacking, contract disputes, licensing compliance, and assist in regulatory investigations, insurance claims, litigation, contract disputes and intellectual property.

Our team & Correspondents includes accountants, auditors, IT specialists, economists, engineers, litigators, compliance officers, CAMS/CFE professionals, financial analysts, law enforcement professionals, statisticians, fraud examiners, technology experts and former regulators.

Financial crime examinations:

Stability of corporations rely on having clear and transparent financial statements, however any crime on the financial assets of a corporation represents a serious threat on its continuity and financial capability. That is why it is important to prevent or respond rapidly to any malpractice which may encompass fraud or embezzlement linked to any asset whether it is related to inventory, cybercrime, intellectual property and corruption, can be harmful and costly.

Global business leaders and public servants testified that they face economic crimes from time to time, and it is related to cybercrime, corruption, bribery and assets misappropriation. Business leaders face the challenge of how to detect economic crime, while awareness on catastrophic results of cybercrime and encouraging detecting is still under resistance. Based on above there is a need to move towards becoming more technology oriented and embed technology strategy in the corporation.

Forensic technology solutions:

In providing forensic technology solutions our teams seize, combine and investigate data related to complex business disputes and inspective matters, whether this data is reconciled or combined. Our services encompass dispute analysis, anti-money laundry, IT expert witness services, software licensing management, fraud, forensic regulatory analysis, information risk management, dispute resolutions and cybercrime and data breach analysis. Also we support complicated litigation services and business matters to enable our clients achieve knowledgeable planned resolutions.

While providing our services we use distinctive methodologies to solve complicated business disputes and inspective issues. To enable our clients take proper decisions, we use special tools and techniques in linking data analysis, business relationships, information management principles, as well as our best practice in forensic technology solutions.

Our professional team, associates & correspondents is comprised of dedicated IT forensic professionals, in various countries, in different specialties such as; accountants, fraud examiners, certified examiners, cams, certified information system security, electronic records management master and certified information system auditors.

Using our Forensic Technology Solutions Centers and innovative joint business relationships with leading organizations, we offer the latest technology to best serve our clients’ needs.

Regulatory and compliance risks:

We help our clients mitigate regulatory and compliance risks, evaluate and modernize processes, controls and construct the proper platform to mitigate definite regulatory and compliance risks corporates face.

Our comprehensive industry knowledge and primary approaches enable us to use special tools and data management aptitudes and models to achieve more capability in managing risks and conducting regulatory compliance.

Providing regulatory and compliance risks include assisting corporations in building capacities to overcome the weaknesses and substantial issues that were stated in regulatory issued reports.

Providing capacity building trainings to enable corporates respond to current/new compliance regulations.

Intellectual property and licensing management:

Managing the intellectual property of a corporate is related to its patents, trademarks, and copyrights, as part of its assets, enable the corporate to maintain its business value. The importance of exploiting the full value from the corporates’ intellectual property assets, whether in licensing or other contractual arrangements, is encountered within management of corporates’ intellectual property.

While conducting the royalty inspections for our clients, we were able to uncover hidden revenues due to accounting inaccuracies, contract misinterpretation. We try to turn our royalty inspections to become a self-financing assignment and a best practice model.

Our proficiency is extensive in several industries and this includes innovation and technology, entertaining business, luxury goods, biotech products, media industry, publishing, and telecommunications.

Our services are provided to licensors in controlling their royalties and licensees in developing their capabilities to comply with the licensors requirements.

Fraud risk management and fraud prevention:

Fraud is a custom in corporations where it rests a severe problem all over the world. The risks to fraud increase are linked to globalization and open markets, fast innovative technology, and economic striving times. Although of fraud risk that face business, many corporations did not prepare themselves in establishing systems and procedures to avoid, detect, and react to fraud.

Managing fraud risks enables corporates to gain benefits and reduce fraud incidents. The global standards for fraud risk management that related to avoidance, detection and reaction can be adopted by corporates to assist in fraud risk management.

The three types of corporates’ fraud are assets misappropriation, fraudulent statement and corruption.

Dispute analysis and litigation support:

Moores Rowland provides dispute analysis and litigation support for commercial businesses, whether related to technology, accounting, business valuation, industry practices, fraud, statutory law where our professionals has experience in data analysis, local market knowledge, indemnities, and solving unusual complications.

Our professional team acquires core capabilities in business valuation, financial economics, financial remodeling, damages indemnity, forensic investigation, fraud inspection. We provide our services through a combination of professional and technical standards and expertise with a deep understanding to litigation.

Insurance claims:

Moores Rowland assists in formal requests for insurance companies to investigate before paying indemnities based on issued insurance policies’ terms. We review the validity of claims before we issue our forensic report to the insurance company for it to decide whether policy holder is eligible to be indemnified and the percentage of indemnity.

Insurance claims include, however not limited to, life insurance death benefits, fire claims, physical damage resulting from operations whether in importing goods or automobiles accidents and thefts, or property damage or liability resulting from home ownership. Etc.…

Background research services:

Moores Rowland provides background research services to its clients to validate or investigate the proper information provided and to comply with the hiring regulations of companies to avoid questions that cannot be part of an interview or investigate on a new prominent client to establish a business relationship or get the proper information on a credit application. We provide information needed by our clients whether related to potential employees, to avoid liability and get the necessary information on the prospective employee, or needed to landlords to check their potential tenants reliability, trustworthiness, and financial credibility.

Also we provide criminal search records, local and federal searches, national and international criminal searches, security check, social security report, employment verifications, sex offender registry search, educational verifications, professional license verifications, credit business report, history checks, drug screening and compensation check.

Risk and capital services:

We provide reliable and accurate background capital intelligence. We strive to maintain our tolerance and positives’ in providing a supreme background data to ensure that business transactions are circumvented to assure that operations will transfer to an asset to the corporate. Our services include providing basic background information services, superficial inspection to the complex, sensitive, and complicated projects, as well as client directed customized report to guarantee that key areas are addressed to our client’s circumstances.

Anti-money laundering:

Moores Rowland assists in fighting money-laundering and helps our clients in protecting their selves, against money laundering, fraud and noncompliance. The global business operations include several risks that needs to be controlled and one of risks is money laundering control and avoidance, and so we interfere in securing that individuals and companies our clients deal with are reliable and clean. Conducting customer due-diligence check is indispensable.

Our tools assist our clients, in protecting their reputation, through a rapid way to comply with international anti-money laundry regulations’ procedures. We have a reliable and quick reaction, where we include our reports, after screening the information, with company information and profiles, and assure the clearness of the name from being part of any sanctioned lists, or being part of politically exposed persons lists or any other watch list such as OFAC, HM treasury, and FBI. Also we make sure in our reports that there is no negative news on the name under investigation in current news from newspapers, blogs, and news wires. Finally we include in our reports the litigation history of the individual or company and biographical background.

Compliance management program: 

Financial corporates face complicated and increasingly demanding regulatory requirements. The augmented scrutiny from regulators, controllers, watchdogs and stakeholders pressures to achieve superior transparency and intuitive business analysis. The necessity to manage and observe continuous compliance is a challenge to compliance managers and professionals. Also emerging compliance risks and creating awareness to stakeholders describing the impact of key compliance risks.

Regulators and controllers impose that compliance management become part of planned decision making. However it is important to assure that traditional compliance approaches does not achieve extended regulators obligations. That is why compliance experts have to consider technology solutions, contents and analysis in identifying compliance risks and business impact.

Regulatory remediation services:

Moores Rowland combines the expertise in certain guidelines and extensive competences in process and control analysis through assisting in compliance breakdown, data analysis difficulties, identifying preparation approach.

We assist our clients who are subject to regulatory actions for non-compliance, or under/ subject to regulatory examination, or if they are subject to fines and difficult issues requirements.

Fraud Investigation and Dispute Services:

In light of unique legal and regulatory challenges among other challenges encompassing the oil and gas industry such as the complexity of governmental contractual relationships, suppliers, and partners, entity compliance is an aspect that requires a large extent of management focus.

Moores Rowlands’ forensic practice provides the necessary talent and expertise to navigate through disputes, supervisor’s enquiries and investigations, as well as background investigation geared towards accepting new partners.


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