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With a network expanding Globally and communication management professionals across it, Moores Rowland International membership will guarantee you a platform to network and share full professional services.


  • Moores Rowland history goes back to 1866 when Edward Moore established his accounting firm and 1875 when C H Nevill established his firm in UK. To preserve the heritage of the historic name, build on the achievements and update its mission, the firm’s opened a branch in Wyoming, USA and another branch in Ras Al-Khaimah, UAE.
  • The company appoints professionals to perform projects related to the fields of services provided in, Audit, accounting, taxes, financial advisory, management consulting, outsourcing, legal services, business advisory, corporate governance services, international financial reporting standards (IFRS), International standards on auditing (ISAs), Fiscal advisory, international affairs advisory, transfer pricing, system implementation, human resources consulting, business buy-in and business buyout services, mergers and acquisitions, cyber security services as well liquidation of companies.
  • During the 2009 there was a merger between part of Moores Rowland members and another firm and the liberty was given to members to choose between merging and continuing on their own.
  • Members who decided to stay on board of Moores Rowland continued providing their services and today, as of 2017, we were able to regain the ranking of being one of the biggest firms in the world.
  • Our network has been meeting expectation in the world since more than 75 years and we were established since more than 150 years.


Moores Rowland Network Association (MRI) aims to expand globally to provide its members with resources to assist clients worldwide and reduce the uncertainty by bringing together a more significant number of resources to work on a problem. MRI members operate as independent members.
The above opens up expanding the knowledge by learning from others’ success, attaining new clients, and telling others about our business. It’s beneficial and essential in today’s competitive environment

  • Use of the Brand name: full member firms may sign in Moores Rowland’s name, a name that goes back to more than 160 years of credibility.
  • Exchange of knowledge: through sharing country-specific accounting, tax, auditing, legal and advisory services experience.
  • Improve management practice: by sharing best practices applied in professional service management on succession planning, people, culture, and exposure to quality professional
  • Sharing credentials: MRI shares with full members its credentials to get new job opportunities and propose to new industries that were not in their client base.
  • Ability to bid on international tenders: as a member of the association network, a firm can bid for tenders that were not previously available due to a lack of support
  • Referral capacity: refers clients to members in other jurisdictions, so members make more money through referrals.
  • International Networking: a client may spread the word to other entrepreneurs that they use an international firm, and word of mouth referrals can turn into new clients.
  • Multi-firm engagements: working with multiple firms worldwide to serve clients and provide the services they need for all of their operations.
  • Marketing material sharing: members will be able to use marketing material to launch their services and raise awareness of its importance.
  • Expand services capacity: through referring clients to members within the association network that provide advisory services in risk management, litigation, arbitration, intellectual property, digital forensic, headhunting, cybersecurity, etc.
  • Personalized attention in referrals: MRI clients are referred to a firm’s partner who personally looks after the needs of the referred client; MRI pride is self with personalized services to its clients, distinguishing itself from the big firms. Personal attention makes clients feel comfortable, well cared for, and safe while receiving exceptional services
  • Global needs: a client prefers to hire a firm that belongs to an international association. This way, the client will secure support after future growth.



Correspondent Member:

  • Correspondent members are expected, upon their convenience and independence, to cooperate and respond to Moores Rowland member firms’ requests in their territory, if any. It’s subject to the correspondent’s comfort and agreement on terms and conditions with the requesting member firm.
  • Correspondent members, since they don’t sign a name use agreement, are not allowed to use the Moores Rowland brand on their financial statements, nor use Moores Rowland as their name use Brand.
  • Correspondent Members are not requested to pay any annual fees. We look forward to cooperating and hope our member firms come back to you with their requests and meet in person soon.
  • Correspondent Members may add that they are correspondent of Moores Rowland in their websites, should they want to, and comply with MR Media regulations in such case.
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Full Member firms:

Full Members have the same rights as Correspondence members; in addition to that, they benefit from the following:

  • Use Moores Rowland brand name, if they wish, after signing the name use agreement, and subject that their audit work files and working papers comply with ISQC1 and ISQC2, or with the professional governing body in their home country for quality review.
  • Represent the Brand, in full, in their territory.
  • Use any technical assistance Moores Rowland may produce for its member firms.
  • Receive our technical pronouncements regularly.
  • Combine credentials with other member firms to participate and propose in international tenders.
  • Pay Annual Fees (a minimum annual fee of US$ 5000, plus 0.5% on yearly revenues that exceed US$ 500.000)
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