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Transaction Advisory Services

Our people’s capabilities combined with their strive to deliver a personalized and tailored , and refined service that can create and add value makes us one of the most wanted firms to deal with.

Clients choose MOORES ROWLAND Transaction advisory services in pursuit of advice and support when contemplating their next milestone decision be it; M&A’s, JV’s and similar arrangements, and financing among other tailored transactions personalized to suit their needs. We support and provide value-added advice to those companies or individuals throughout virtually all transaction deals and similar deals’ lifecycles starting with deal origination, to post acquisition integration procedures.

By having a global outreach and deep-rooted cross-border business relationships, we command insights of virtually all geographies, markets, and sectors.

Our people’s capabilities combined with their strive to deliver a personalized and tailored , and refined service that can create and add value makes us one of the most wanted firms to deal with.

  • Buy and sell side M&A Specialist Advisory (MASA©)
  • Industry Strategy Advisory and Transaction Strategy Advisory
  • Financial modeling and Transaction structuring.
  • Capital raising Debt/equity
  • Capital structure advisory*
  • Alternative Financing analyses
  • Business valuation services
  • Asset valuation services
  • IP Valuation services
  • Purchase price allocation and impairment analyses
  • Financial due diligence services
  • Transactional tax advisory
  • Working capital improvements Reviews, examinations, and analyses
  • Business Restructuring advisory ( cash flow forecasts, distressed suppliers/Troubled debt, business planning and forecast development and reviews)
  • Market and specific industry enquiry
  • Human capital assessments and reviews.
  • Operational transaction services (integration assessments, change management, etc.)
  • IT functions and operations; strategic analysis, reviews, and examination.

Buy and sell side M&A Specialist Advisory (MASA©)

Moores Rowland is connected to many private equity funds together with potential buyers; however for strategic acquisitions, our distinctive advantage is that our experts have deep knowledge in the banking sector, water and power sector, IT and innovation sector as well as manufacturing sector. This enables us to create strong connection with more profitable exposure for the clients business. Moores Rowland member firms all round the world support your deal until it is closed, where we take our time in learning about our clients’ goals, objectives, and best alternative deals available to take a final decision in determining to move forward.

Based on above we advise clients, who own profitable businesses, to contact us to learn more about our current business valuation models and our techniques applied in exit strategies as well as the impact of tax laws changes on them.

Industry Strategy Advisory:

We assist our clients’ top executives, through research, technology and consultations, whether the positions they occupy were chief executives officers, chief strategy officers, chief marketing officers. We assist them and their assistants understand their markets and work on distinguishing their corporates in order to achieve customer loyalty.

We make sure that our clients stay focused on strategic guidance tools and implementation support.

We raise awareness and guidance on available mergers and acquisitions to enable our clients partner with suitable associates.

We foster change and steer decisions through integrated strategic planning support.

Transaction Strategy Advisory:

Moores Rowland professionals provide transaction strategy advisory on mergers and acquisitions engagements through working with strategic and financial buyers, sellers and lenders. We are committed to deliver the highest level of responsiveness and endorse ongoing negotiations until finalizing the transaction.

In general any due diligence doesn’t satisfy both negotiation parties. Based on that, our professionals listen to the clients’ needs and tailor the scope of work to meet their specific needs. We have full access to the world wide network resources. 

Financial modelling and Transaction structuring:

Moores Rowland professionals play an integral role to understand and use the financial models in valuing and structuring the merger and acquisition deal as well as estimate the value of the synergy while building valuation models to use them in estimating the deal value. This also facilitates the process to structure the deal and select the financing plan.

Valuation has to consider the stand alone business using multiple valuation methods and valuing acquirer and target firm with effects of net synergy.

Capital raising Debt/equity:

Moores Rowland professionals assist our clients secure financing for an acquisition, or to recapitalize, or secure funds to expand in the markets or as capital investment, or assist in raising both equity and debt.

We assist our clients to structure packages and terms to achieve a broad base of financial goals through maintaining good relationship with private equity funds, venture capital, and lending sources.

Capital structure advisory:

Being independent, objective and acquiring the needed experience, Moores Rowland is proud to assist its clients through the entire structure capital structure decisions whether it is related to private placements, equity or debt. Our long history enables us to deliver inclusive capital structure advice. Also we provide and assist in finding financial solutions suitable to the clients’ needs. We provide considerate guidance while maintaining our independence with the capital markets, research and marketing activities.

Alternative financing analysis:

This includes providing the assessment of multimodal alternatives to achieve a reasonable modal financing option. It includes finding the justification for a financial commitment. This enables our clients to adopt the long range plan. Due consideration has to be given for any comparative sector data provided while evaluating the financial performance and financial position.

Business valuation services:

Most appraisals are used in partnerships dissolutions, bankruptcies, and merger and acquisitions. That is why the appraisal has to be immune and accurate. The appraisal has to consider the following:

  • The present situation of the economy
  • Search in the industry sector of the business under the appraisal
  • Analyze the financial statements and income statement and compare with the sector
  • Define the fair rate of return on investment
  • Search and analyze previous transactions in the same sector

Asset valuation services:

Through this service we provide asset valuation for an extensive list of assets including:

  • Special property categories whether related to commercial, services or manufacturing.
  • Agricultural and industrial lands.
  • Machinery and equipment and personal assets.

We provide our services to financial institutions, corporations, government entities, private individuals, attorneys, accountants and portfolio managers.

IP valuation service:

In the twenty first century the intellectual property became a vital part of the assets of corporates. Today corporates require intellectual property valuation for their corporate valuation for strategic purposes to secure finances.

Our extensive experience in the valuation of intellectual property, taking into consideration marketing, customers, technology and related properties

Purchase Price Allocation & Goodwill Impairment Services:

The producers of financial statements face challenges while consolidating financial statements due to pronouncements demands related to fair presentation. We assist our clients in their Purchase Price Allocation & Goodwill Impairment while issuing financial statements. Moores Rowland assists its clients in calculating the potential losses for financial reporting issues.

Financial due diligence services:

We have the experience to assist our clients in identifying, understanding, and defining key value drivers and expected risks that are most important when preparing a financial due diligence.

Our approach focus on strategic objectives, potential opportunities, and business competitiveness for each assignment

We support our work with the following:

  • Developing Comprehensive plans to deliver quality earning
  • Defining the working capital needed
  • Link sales and revenues with analyses
  • Analyze profitability according to business section, customer, service and product.
  • Analyze the accruals and reserves in the financial statements

Transactional tax advisory:

Any transaction service has tax effects. Moores Rowland tax specialists provide strategic tax structures to make the best value of the deal and minimize potential risks. Our professionals have extensive experience in local and international transactions whether it is related to disposal, refinancing, restructuring, acquisitions and or initial public offering.

Our network combines the expertise of cross-border transaction services and local tax experience to deliver the proper tax advice all over the world.

Our services encompass the following:

  • Use of tax liabilities and exemptions to structure asset sale agreement of companies
  • Negotiate and execute deals while considering historical and future tax exposures
  • Adopt tax cost efficient incentive planning to retain key staff
  • Predict and apply tax efficiency with flexible exit and refinancing strategy

Our strategic and execution services include:

Corporate development advisory — company, portfolio and asset evaluations, and review of internal decision support models; identification of options to address any gaps in portfolios and to maintain or create clients’ competitive edge

Transaction execution — advising on mergers, acquisitions or divestments, joint ventures and alliances, undertaking buy-side and sell-side due diligence, and carve-out accounting

Integration — determining and analyzing post-acquisition and merger integration and, in some cases, portfolio realignment

Capital agenda — optimizing the capital needs of businesses at the corporate, portfolio and asset, project and business unit levels, including working capital, cash flow improvements and debt and equity raising or refinancing

Tax advisory — providing advice on country fiscal regimes and tax structuring advice, transaction planning, enterprise risk management activities and aligning tax planning strategies with business operations; structuring transactions tax effectively, managing their tax burden and improving sustainable growth; advising on the tax impact of alternative energy, managing international assignments for key employees and understanding tax considerations in expanding operations to new cou Related content

Financial Advisory Services (FAS):

Whether it is accounting or finance related, our FAS team leverages an excess of expertise to deliver personalized and tailored specialists assistance and integrate solutions that can help our clients, manage and navigate through ever-growing complex business environments and reporting challenges. Moores Rowland’s team constitutes of multi-disciplined professionals who possess a deep and comprehensive knowledge of the sector. A few solutions we provide under FAS:

Accounting and finance processes – typically geared towards the design of financial reporting processing as well as providing enhancements that better reflect industry standards and generally accepted principles as well as International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Local and international accounting standards and other regulatory requirements – Moores Rowland typically supports business in implanting new accounting standards, pronouncements, and regulations, be it a publically held enterprise, or a private held organization.

Investment and Treasury services – Moores Rowland provides advice and services in form of consultations or outsourced talent for the treasury and investments corporate areas which are typically considered complex and risky areas such as derivative valuation, commodity trading risk management, and regulatory compliance (local and international) such as Basel III, and Federal Reserve as well as Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review (CCAR).

Accounting framework conversion – Moores Rowland international presence enables it to provide accounting framework conversation by way of identifying accounting differences, assessing local requirements and effect on business processing by preparing the initial set of financial statements under a different framework.

Restructuring and asset financing services – Moores Rowland assists companies to undertake asset restructuring and financing in connection with asset purchases

Initial Public Offering (IPOs) and financial reporting assistance – We address key account challenges and other regulatory issues that arise in connection with mergers, IPO, and other transactional activities.


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