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Government and public sector companies

Moores Rowland Global Public Sector is committed to improve public services through emphasizing on two crucial themes; first are the people working in the public sector and the second is the systems and digital framework the public servants are using.

Government and public sector companies

R&D and government incentives:

Governments in developed countries offer grants, credits and incentives in areas that reflect positively on the economy such as the digital industry, energy efficiency, environment, globalization, innovation, sustainability and training.

Public Sector:

Moores Rowland Global Public Sector is committed to improve public services through emphasizing on two crucial themes; first are the people working in the public sector and the second is the systems and digital framework the public servants are using. Moores Rowland member firms think about the complexities that face the public sector in general and develop relevant, timely, and sustainable solutions for them. At Moores Rowland; we consider ourselves as a Think tank team:

Civil Governments, Ministries of Defense, Education, Finance, Economy and Trade, Social Affairs, power and electricity utilities, telecommunications, water supply, Public Health, Public Transportation, Security, Justice, Defense and International Donor Organizations

Civil Governments and ministries:

Moores Rowland is committed to help governments and ministries improve their systems and procedures in serving citizens. The Civil Governments Sector provides solutions that help communities work efficiently and effectively, into all levels of government levels through a varied range of programs and systems.

Digital Government Transformation:

In The Digital Government Transformation Moores Rowland provides how to deliver services that are focused on the user, moving from non-digital services that are inconvenient and time consuming to services that are digital by design. This means that users will have a better experience when dealing with government because services will be easier to access, simpler to use and quicker to transact.

The regulator of tomorrow:

Regulators are often the agencies responsible for implementing policy mandates. These mandates can vary from being highly prescriptive to giving regulators great freedom to determine how to implement a policy. In some cases, regulatory agencies have normally granted authority to monitor certain industries, with discretion as to determining how to protect citizens and fair markets.

Global opportunity report 2016:

This report Identifies and ranks 15 sustainability opportunities according to public and private sector interest and potential impact on societies and business. The report aims to demonstrate how global sustainability challenges and risks can be seen as opportunities. The 2016 report stems from a survey of 5,567 business, governmental and social leaders across five continents.

The new government leader:

Moores Rowland assists new government leaders to take the reins of their next step, where we help them plan and manage their leadership transitions to take charge, build their team and deliver results in the most professional way. This is important because 40% of new leaders fail in the first 18 months.

Our training includes the following main topics:

What do these leaders need to know and see?

What do they should avoid doing?

Are they able to deliver all the needed tasks?

What makes an effective government leader?


Moores Rowland objectives from Education Improvement is to improve school readiness of children entering primary education, improve educational means and secure the availability of educational resources for upper secondary schools, and support improved quality and relevance in higher education institutions through working with institutions across all levels of education and regulatory agencies to craft better and brighter futures for learners around the world.

Digital Education:

Moores Rowland is able to assist ministries of educations in the application of the digital education from the point of establishing Freedom of information platform to building the contents of the digital educational system and secure the experts who are able to provide this service.

Public Health and Social Services

Moores Rowland provides advanced and practical solutions to improve Public Health and Social Services to achieve better services for communities, through programs related to preventive public health awareness, family care, social welfare, unemployment, etc.


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