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Who We Are

Who we are

Who we are:

Our firm’s name history goes back to 1866 when Edward Moore established his accounting firm and 1875 when C H Nevill established his firm in UK.

The firm’s headquarters moved lately to Delaware USA. The firm provides, on a world wide scale, audit, accounting, taxes, financial advisory, management consulting, outsourcing, legal services, business advisory, corporate governance, international financial reporting standards IFRS, International auditing and assurance standards IAAS, Fiscal advisory, international affairs advisory, transfer pricing, system implementation, human resources consulting, business buy-in and business buy-out, mergers and acquisitions, asset & wealth management as well liquidation of companies.

The broad geographical coverage of our members benefits their clients and their international needs, and so, Moores Rowland market covers with its members and associates most major cities throughout the world. Our intention is to provide the highest possible of capabilities, yet allow each member to utilize this in its local market.

Moores Rowland is registered in Delaware as a private company that is limited by guarantee.

The firm is ranked among the top world’s largest accounting firms which provide audit, tax, business advisory, legal services, regulations and customs, corporate governance services, outsourcing services and Human resources to support business activities on a global scale.

During the 2007 there was a merger between part of Moores Rowland members and another firm and the liberty was given to members to choose between merging and continuing on their own. Members who decided to stay on board of Moores Rowland continued providing their services and today, as of 2017, we were able to regain the ranking of being one of the biggest firms in the world.

In all what we do and conduct to provide services to our clients, we tend to adopt the highest standards possible. Members in each region of the world meet to collaborate and respond to the client’s needs.

We improve client’s service through exchanging experience and knowledge of member firms where each one of them understands its own market to assist clients in their cross border requirements.

Our network has been meeting expectation in the world since more than 75 years and we were established since more than 150 years.

Each of Moores Rowland partners shares the following qualifications:

Engagement in adopting consistent professional and ethical standards

Devotion to provide quality services through professional advisors and consultants

Passion to understand the client’s objectives while delivering best advice.

Member firms are among the most qualified firms in their countries, well-known and determined to deliver quality excellence and for being professionally reliable.

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The members of Moores Rowland are among the best qualified professionals and auditors in different jurisdictions because we deliver deep expertise, objective insights with a tailored approach to assist leaders confront and prepare themselves to the challenges of the future.

According to EU and IFAC requirements full member firms of the network include Moores Rowland in their names however, correspondent firms are not permitted to use the name of Moores Rowland until they become full members.

Our members and correspondents are spread all over the world to assist our clients with their services.

Audit services:

Moores Rowland Audit services, provided by our members, are branded as an added value audit. Our work helps the clients improve the quality of the financial statements which enable us identify risk areas and ensure businesses viability all through an excellent audit program conducted with utmost efficiency.

All Moores Rowland member firms use Moores Rowland name and draw on the resources and methodologies of the Moores Rowland network. In return, member firms are required to comply with pronounced and obligatory policies and standards of Moores Rowland network and are subject to review under the ISQCI issues by IFAC.

World Rankings

Moores Rowland were striving after 2007 to regain back its position as one of the top 10 audit network firms in the world. The world ranking are compiled by accountancy magazines in USA and UK and it focuses on the business issues that affects the firms, networks and associations and it is considered a trusted source for leading accounting news. The accounting magazines are a trust worthy sources and they track fee income and staff from networks and associations regionally and across the G20 and the biggest 50 economies with data that goes back for more than ten years and today we can comfortably say that we are back on track.

Moores Rowland network is ranked among the top firms in the world for the biggest 50 economies in the world. This classification proves the seriousness of our leadership and the strength of our member firms over the global scene. We are proud that we keep improving and our aim is to become the biggest network in the world by 2030.

Below you can find the latest survey carried out by global accountant’s Guardian in UK and International Accounting Gazette, which ranks Moores Rowland as number 8 in the list of Associations and networks worldwide.

Moores Rowland won the award of the professional firm in 2014 and 2015 from the global accountants' guardian of global independent accounting networks for, audit, accounting, taxes, and financial advisory, full management consulting firms. The volume of ‘word of mouth’ recommendations validates this.

All Moores Rowland member firms are highly rated by their clients and peers; many with ‘best service, professional culture and satisfaction rankings in their respective regions.

Moores Rowland firms work seamlessly together, delivering pragmatic, value-added advice wherever clients are located, and in whatever sectors they operate in.

Moores Rowland member firms have access to worldwide professionals and independent minds. As a result, they can instantly source the very best experts to provide services such as:

  • Run and audit financial reporting program, in multiple countries.
  • Provide regulatory and cross-border tax services.
  • Provide transfer pricing guidance.
  • Assist with global expansion planning
  • Provide corporate finance services.
  • Escort Family Business  growth through succession preparations
  • Prepare comprehensive business and asset valuations
  • Advise on personal tax implications.
  • Provide legal and litigation services that include all related services.
  • Provide financial advisory for multinational companies.
  • Assist multinational companies in their management consulting.
  • Provide outsourcing services in multi jurisdictions.
  • Assist companies in complying with corporate governance standards.
  • Modify financial reports to comply with international financial reporting standard IFRS.
  • Asist in the proper application of International auditing and assurance standards IAAS.
  • Assist in Fiscal advisory.
  • Provide Cyber security protection.
  • Provide guidance in international affairs advisory.
  • Assist in transfer pricing.
  • Coach and escort implementation of new systems.
  • Provide human resources consulting and assistance.
  • Assist in business buy-in and business buy-out.
  • Provide consultation in mergers and acquisitions.
  • Provide asset & wealth management.
  • Assist in liquidation of companies.

Our network association includes certified public accountants, Tax Advisors, management consultants, lawyers and litigators as well as professionals with international experience.

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Most Recent:

Past, Present & Future

Moores Rowland long histories as well as its clear future vision are in fact a unique combination of history and vision that puts the network in the best place.

Anyone who looks at our track record to see how we performed and still, as a business, should believe that we are the place to work with and joining our firm is a life time opportunity.

Take a look at our facts and figures to see how we are performing as a business and why we believe we offer the opportunity of a lifetime.

With the accounting regulation that were issued in the beginning of the century, member firms chose to become one network sharing one audit program and one manual and common branding and also share operational data and referrals too. Then we started to consider more than one member in the same city especially if they are providing other advisory services or legal services where members would complete each other. And today with the capability of providing virtual working and Millennials technology and Globalization, partners became more eager for a broader group to share ideas. Members agreed that association is important but relationship is more important.

Although of the GATS agreement, still there are many countries that permit only local qualified professionals to practice audit or legal advisory or to firms that its majorty is owned by local professionals. Moores Rowland is a global network that operates locally and internationally in different countries.

Only full member firms of Moores Rowland have the right to use the Moores Rowland name.

Members of Moores Rowland share knowledge, skills and resources. This membership facilitates Moores Rowland firms to work together in providing high-quality services on a global scale to international and local clients, while retaining the advantages of being local businesses – including being knowledgeable about local laws, regulations, standards and practices.

Today beside our member firms we have correspondent firms and contacts to assure we can cover the world.

Our commitment and agreement to our full members are the following:

To be their source of ideas

To use one obligatory common audit program

To apply the ISQC1 annually

To attend obligatory trainings for the improvement of their skills

Provide access to expertise in different sectors and industries.

Enforcement to adopt client’s acceptance system

Provide capacity and cooperation with members all over the world.

All member firms are liable to the work provided by them and by the network.

Our commitment to our correspondent members (associates) is the following:

To be their source of ideas

Not to dictate their practices

Provide access to expertise when needed and on a case by case

Not to interfere in their client’s acceptance

Not to hold them liable for the global network.

Provide capacity and cooperation with members all over the world.

This is what we believe is our strength, and off course it is our commitment to our member firms and associates in the years ahead.

We know that conducting business oversees needs a wide range of professional advice. That is why we put together member firms with Knowledge and experience in a wide range of disciplines to provide local expertise with a global reach to clients in different industries.

Our carefully selected member firms in each jurisdiction work closely together to provide integrated, multidisciplinary services to meet each client’s legal and regulatory obligations and growth ambitions.

Our commitment towards our clients: We are only great as the great we do

Today with the increasing economic competition worldwide, Moores Rowland is committed to attract and develop a diversity of workforce of professionals that share values and skills. We make sure to bring best ideas to our clients through teaming together to expand our vision and our capability to discover and avoid future predicted problems. Also doing this would enable us discover new opportunities others might not be able to see.

Moores Rowland believes that a diverse team makes the network stronger.

Over and above we work continuously to improve the diversity of our business.

We are committed to the United Nation’s initiative HeForShe and our team members’ committed themselves to it.

Giving Members a Competitive Edge

With the global economic crises and the accelerating competition trends, businesses are continuously looking for an extra benefit from their professional service provider firm.

Moores Rowland Members can differentiate themselves from their competitors by providing a broad range of professional service help worldwide, through having access to colleagues who have extensive expertise.

We serve leading businesses, governments, non-governmental organizations, and not-for-profits. We help our members improve their performance and realize their most important goals. Over more than a century, we were able to build a unique firm equipped to this task.

Moores Rowland members are experts in their local markets and they are knowledgeable in, Audit, consulting, legal, outsourcing services and tax advisory and their vision covers and mitigate the globalization challenges and the international needs.

All Moores Rowland member firms partners are experienced in advising clients on their international and local business issues. We try to cover the bridge gap of culture and language and play the role of the vital catalyst when parties negotiate together.

Moores Rowland membership facilitates working together to provide high-quality services on a global level to local and international clients, through retaining advantages of being local businesses – including being knowledgeable about local laws, regulations, standards and practices.

Moores Rowland has a consistent approach when recruiting and developing our people, regardless of where they are based. This ensures that we can deliver the right team, with the right experience to every client, anywhere in the world.

Our success secrets:

  • Transparency
  • Knowledge
  • Agility
  • Care
  • Leadership
  • Initiative


Moores Rowland organizes continuous training programs in the different regions, to assure that members are updated on all technical pronouncements related to the profession.


Moores Rowland governance is led regionally and then through the board of directors in Moores Rowland International. The secretariat handles all the day to day administrative issues and reports directly to the region’s heads and then to the board. Members meet regularly in each region and globally to improve their relations and discuss their client’s issues and how to engage in lively open forums. Regular meetings ensure the close relationship between members. Other than regular meetings certain industrial meetings and forums are organized to draw common plans in these industries.

Our ethics and integrity:

Committed to transparency

Moores Rowland believes strongly that we should be transparent in all what we do and how we do it. We are sure we can make a major impact on our stakeholders, the capital markets and the communities in which we operate and work..

Corporate responsibility

Moores Rowland seeks to go beyond ‘doing the right thing’ to become a catalyst of positive change in different societies, through corporate responsibility, Find out what we focus on and the progress we're making.


We hire professionals each year through our network where 70 % will be fresh graduates starting their career with our firm and the rest 30% will be experienced professionals looking to improve their skills and experience. We are proud to say that part of who join our firm are attracted with our history and credibility and the other part are attracted to our quality of clients and process we adopt as well as to the diversity of work that is conducted by our people and the personal skills development and the opportunity to work internationally..

To keep growth going we believe that investing in our people is essential, and so we push our people to reach their full potential. Our culture concentrate continuously on team based learning and internal feedback. We make sure our teams receive innovational technical and professional training as well as leadership skills to improve their emotional intelligence. We believe that with the improvement of our people our service to clients improves too.

We employ people from all backgrounds such as arts, business, economics, engineering, finance, health, information technology, law and more.

We believe that each one is responsible to create and sustain a comprehensive defensible culture and so we encourage diversity and consider this philosophy as our distinctive characteristic method

Transformation change:

The world is changing in a much accelerated way and technologies are modified in a split of seconds. that is why, at Moores Rowland,  we decided to react and adapt the change in order to discover how can we transfer these challenges to an opportunity.

Our business nature enforces us to stay ahead of the curve to deliver the best services to our clients. This requires following up on new matters that may assist our client and it means opportunities to us in investing in the latest advances and technologies. For example, being a firm that provides an internal audit services, it means that Risk assurance and Cyber security can be achieved with a career in Moores Rowland technology service provider.

Moores Rowland supports innovation and change in the clients business and in its own structure and so they are always in need to develop TEAMS backgrounds (Technology, Empathy, Agility, Mathematics and Science).

The speed of technology is distressing most companies in the world since the digital technologies are affecting them progressively leading to troubles on their business models, supply chain and customer behavior. Today the technology improvements represent an important part of the board’s agenda worldwide.

We at Moores Rowland are proud to have the opportunity to assist companies in solving this problem through assisting them in conferring together with expert resources from all over the world to make the needed change. We have the right expertise in all the business areas who are able to add value and who are able to put their input and experience to take the business forward. We are hiring “TEAMS” professionals into our people where they have the ability to add their vision and assessment on the work provided.

Data and Cyber Security:

Today’s business is built on Data and the Cyber breaches on our clients are rising day after day, so we need to give a comfort to our client on how we can interfere and assist them in getting over this risk.

We strive to achieve our ambition to become one of the most distinguished global business data analytics. Our distinguished contribution for a business world is providing data and cyber security services to our clients.

Businesses are built on data, however with the continuous escalation of cyber breaches, companies need to feel more confident in our capabilities to immune their systems from any breach.

This is the reason we always search for Cyber Security experts to join Moores Rowland offices all over the world from all sorts and categories. We love what we do especially when we serve our clients through providing them with their needs through our professional skilled team.

When someone asks about Moores Rowland and what is different about them than the others, the answer exists in the way we assisted the member firm’s clients and the personal touch we add on the service to enable them achieve their goals. This is proven in many events and occasions because we were asked to interfere in difficult and complex problems and we were able to make an evocative development in all of them.

This is shown in the principle we adopt and the actions we conduct and the emotional senses of belonging that embrace all what we do.

As for our size being among the big ten firms in the world and years of history, we consider this as an irrelevant factor as we believe that the most important factor is the capability of providing the best in what we do and the impact we make on the world.

Today with over 150 years of commitment and engagement in hard work to make a difference, our firm has shown growth in scale and diversity all over the world providing audit, tax, financial advisory, transaction services, legal and consulting services and our shared transparent culture remains the same.

Our aim is to be the best in what we do to assist our clients and people achieve their ambitions; make a positive impact on our societies; aim to be the best at all that we do—to help clients realize their ambitions; capitalize on the success of our people.

What makes Moores Rowland different comes from what drives us to make an impact in improving the world, through where we are, not how big we are, and through the kind of service we offer not what types of services we offer.

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