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Health care and life science

Moores Rowland Global health care and life science practice team routinely collaborates with an array of healthcare providers ranging from privately held medical services and practices to government owned facilities.

Health care and life science

Moores Rowland Global health care and life science practice team routinely collaborates with an array of healthcare providers ranging from privately held medical services and practices to government owned facilities. Those enterprises seek Moores Rowland help to deliver digital solutions where the use of large data and analyses is prevalent to refine health services management and delivery. Moores Rowland strives to transform the healthcare delivery industry into cost efficient and high performance enterprise. Also we assist in developing new business plans in light of ever changing and overly complex international and local business conditions

During FY 2016, Moores Rowland Initiative brought together cross sector professionals ranging from consumer products, health life, telecommunication, life sciences, and others, in an effort to develop cross sector initiatives and consequently better healthcare solutions.

Moores Rowland diverse healthcare teams include former chief executives healthcare departments, clinicians, provider executives, and health consultants. We offer our clients firsthand access to internationally recognized healthcare related panel of experts who facilitate healthcare innovation, decision-making, and progress.

Moores Rowland healthcare practice’s areas of expertise can be summarized as follows:

Value based growth strategies:

Hospitals and health centers have been using almost the same development plans for years where they were able to grow in size, scope and revenues through combining their market positions, and asking for price increases on payments, however it has to be noted that these plans has to be modified in order to achieve future growth.

In today’s economic situation annual increases are no longer a reliable source for growth as Medicare beneficiaries are increasing and based on that costs are being supervised and managed in a more accurate way.

Based on that, hospital mergers are becoming more studied and securing capital is not easy any more. Medicare beneficiaries receive better care control to avoid their re-admittance. Moores Rowland believes that populated health management may decrease inpatient volume over the years.

Improved performance through analytics:

Evolving an efficient corporate data warehouse is considered a primary in the health systems nowadays. Based on that, and although of its success, data analysis practice enables users to achieve vision, which is a very important element in achieving future success. The efficient data warehouse has to be considered as an asset not as an IT project to achieve clinical and financial improvement through the corporate. Creating a useful business data solution is to show the data value, taking into consideration that the data is usable and organized. The data has to be filtered whether by summary data, integrated clinical individual performance, operation baseline information, and performance target measures.

Health Diligence and integrations:

Health efforts were made to define the health diligence which is comprised by the efforts made by an in-charge individual to in preventive medicine, or potential health problems before occurring, or monitoring on others health issues, and making sure health rules and procedures are properly applied to avoid harming patients as well as ensuring privacy, security, conducting audit trails and access control. However; improving the profit and loss statement of account of health centers, planning for growth, serving insured patients and managing unsustainable large number of chronic patients is difficult. It needs proper planning to secure quality, compliance and financial enhancement and here where Moores Rowland role starts through assisting health centers turn to health integrated empowered care management. Our approach relies on big data related to biopsychosocial interventions to target and empower the most critical costly members. We disclose hidden drivers that empower vulnerable costly members.

Health care Regulatory compliance:

Health care regulatory compliance is a complicated issue in our culture. Health care compliance executives should be aware of basic compliance program and work hard to keep the health center compliance program well maintained. In Moores Rowland we rely on strategic management to lead in health care compliance and regulatory advancement. Our professional team has experience whether in private health practices, government experience and can provide the best practice of the industry.

Health Human capital optimization:

We design strategies to assist our clients working in health industry optimize and elevate their human capabilities to assist them achieve success, happiness and accomplish planned goals while conducting their jobs. Our programs enables our clients human capital reach the highest potential, productivity and performance and making the best in what they do.

Transform health human capital:

With today’s technologies developments, innovative human capital is giving organizations opportunities to reconsider transformational processes. Intelligent management should enhance HR systems solutions. Nowadays HR systems have diverse set of applications that include data management, life cycle transactions benefits and payroll processing, performance goals, recruiting, compensation plans, and workforce planning.

Health Talent management:

Assessing and elevating health centers human capital and planning their needs requires using the core role of talent management.

The way we plan and strategize the health centers human capital, through health talent management is to develop health centers value and achieving its goals. Identification of the gaps between working talents and needed talents to achieve business success is talent management. Basically the HR functions whether it is recruiting, retaining, improving, rewarding or incentivizing staff is considered Talent Management. To achieve business growth HR has to retain the best talents, where with today’s open economy, succeeding in this goal is very challenging. Proper talent management means to worry less on your talent management and concentrate more on business development. Employing the suitable talent to your needs enables the executive management concentrate more on business opportunities. At Moores Rowland we recognize talent management basics to accomplish the business and industry values and work with our clients to provide the exact improvements to enable them achieve the best ROI.

Consumer Health & Wellness Report 2016:

The consumer global forum (CGF) survey for 2016 showed progress made by all CGF members demonstrating commitment to participate in solving today’s leading health and wellness challenges. 

Results from the 2015 survey showed good progress in some key areas, at the same time more needs to be done to harness the consumer goods industry’s collective power. With a specific focus on the two Commitments ending this year, 2015 results showed:

Consumers’ healthy food choices:

Consumers around the Globe attempt to take charge of their health. Almost half of the people in the developed world consider that they are overweight, and almost half of the people are trying to lose weight through healthier food choices with the help of food and beverage companies. Nowadays Food and Beverage Manufacturers are adjusting their products to remove or reduce sugar, fat, and sodium content of food, and they are avoiding using artificial ingredients and started using fiber and protein products.

Public Health and Social Services

Moores Rowland provides advanced and practical solutions to improve Public Health and Social Services to achieve better services for communities, through programs related to preventive public health awareness, family care, social welfare, unemployment, etc.

Health digital systems: Improvement and sustainability:

Health care costs are rising and safety gaps are still missing while underdeveloped countries are still seeking to decrease the cost of the healthcare and develop their health services, and the solution is in the digital transformation. This issue needs financial validation and quality control where this can be achieved through digitalization of the health systems. The OECD issued a study that health care costs has been rising more than the GDP by one to two percent, and if this continues the healthcare would represent more than 25% of GDP in several countries.


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