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Global industry products

We provide our clients with a wide range of services that include food and beverage, consumer electronics, agro manufacturing etc... Global Consumer Products is served through our Global Consumer & Industry Products and industry team.

Global industry products

Global industry Products:

Industrial Products, Consumer Products, Special products, Automotive, Chemicals, Retail, Wholesale & Distribution Travel, Hospitality & Services are part of the Global Consumer and industry products group specialties.

The effects of manufacturing on the global economy development is continuous, whether it is related to infrastructure improvements, jobs opportunities, input on gross domestic income (GDP), where these industrial sectors reflect positively on the economy in general.

We provide our clients with a wide range of services that include food and beverage, consumer electronics, agro manufacturing etc… Global Consumer Products is served through our Global Consumer & Industry Products and industry team.

Global Consumer & Industrial Products Moores Rowland team provides its value chain clients from providing raw materials to manufacturing end consumer product .

Value chain products:

Moores Rowland provides a support reference to value chains products enabling their clients assimilate the following elements:

Enterprise management

Product development

Customer relation management

Supply chain assimilation

We list all processes categories to empower the execution of the value chain whether processes relate to human resources management, performance management and assets management.

We create the value chain plan through gathering their requirements, assessing and aligning their assets, and then we govern the value chain through setting the following:

Vision, mission and strategy

Internal controls

Information policies

Financial policies

Assets policies

Organizational policies

Network policies

Compliance policies

Lifecycle policies

Change guidelines policies

Consumer Products Industry Outlook:

Consumer product industry is facing a huge and an exceptional convergence of variations whether declining in brand loyalty, fast progress in technology, changing regulations for the benefit of consumers together with an uncertain future economic growth.

We can help your enterprise, in the coming future, develop and modernize your industry through this era of uncertain economic growth and face the above mentioned challenges through the following:

Decline in brand recognition:

Many consumers base their purchases on more than the qualities of the products, or the price or the taste and concentrate on the products that are linked to their health, wellbeing, safety and the social corporate responsibility of the producer.

Fast progress in technology:

Consumer products industry faces challenges in keeping up with the fast progress in technology and at the same time improve the products with the research and development of the industries new business to be able to compete with the newly entrants to the industry, who are not coming with big burden that enables them to compete.

Changing regulations for the benefit of consumers:

Regulators of consumer products, all over the world, are concentrating more and more on products ‘safety, transparency, sustainability, labor legal requirements as well as several compliance regulations.

Uncertain future economic growth:

The world is facing uncertainty in the economic growth and the trends of consumer spending due to low wage growth and inequality in wealth evolution. There are big markets that are uncertain in its future economic growth such as china, Latin America, Europe and Russia which raise the challenge on consumer products industry.

Consumer Products Spotlight:

New revenue accounting standard was issued which offers revenue recognition assistance through providing an inclusive single model for the accounting of consumer products corporations and companies.

Consumer products surveys:

Moores Rowland prepares on a yearly basis annual research industry reports, for its clients, on the following industries:

Agro business: Agriculture, food, beverage, food services.

High-tech: IT infrastructure, software, internet business, IT services and telecom.

Media: motion pictures and movies, broadcasting publishing, music, DVD, Blu-ray and press.

Consumer goods: Electronics, closing and textiles, personal care, retail, and luxury goods.

Life science: biotechnology, healthcare, pharmaceutical, medical devices and diagnostics.

Services: business services, consumer services, financial services and Tourism and Leisure

Heavy industry: automotive, energy and environment, manufacturing, transportation, construction and materials.


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