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President’s Message

When Edward Moore established his firm in 1866, and when C H Nevill also established his firm in 1875, which became later Rowland Nevilll, both founders never imagined that this will continue till today, and with the blessing of the merge that happened between Rowland Neville and Edward Moore and sons. This legacy continues today, being the president to this association network since more than 6 years gives me a great self esteem, where the firm’s simplified family tree on ICAEW website and our website shows the history and roadmap for this network association.

During the last 8 years our firm faced some challenges after some of our members accepted to merge with another network. However and with the persistency of our present members, to maintain our network and our presence, this enabled us to continue and today we are back as one of the top accounting  firms according to top ranking magazines.

The business world is becoming more coherent and connected to each other which make our presence a must and today with the development of Technology we are able to communicate and melt is a more unified shape providing services internationally and locally with ease.

Our role in assisting our clients is of an essence to them since we look into their past, present and future through services provided where we are proud to say that we are a full professional network services managing the financials and business of our clients and analyzing their present and future managerial structures preparing them for their next generation.

We are very optimistic in the future and our aim is to become the most reliable network that provides professional services to the global business worldwide.

We commit ourselves and commit our global connected team of professionals, to provide our clients, with the highest standard advice to enable them prevent themselves from risks and failures where our member firms are all proficient and trusted service providers.

Our tagline is Generating Value.

I can say with all modesty and clarity that Moores Rowland has expanded my knowledge, and enabled me and my colleagues in this great network become distinguished advisers for our clients and the global network clients.

We are confident of our member’s passion and energy in providing the highest quality service to their clients where our belief is that as long as our clients succeed we succeed.

Our message to the Global business is to approach us whenever they need a professional advice and enable us become their advisors.

Delaware 27th of September 2013

Kevin Rees, CPA

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