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Oil and Gas services

Moores Rowland serves a wide range of companies including privately held exploration and production companies, oil field service companies, as well as National Oil companies.

Oil and Gas – Energy

The oil and gas industry has been the focus of the international business arena as well as governments for the past three years, the recent roller coaster evidenced by the oil market has made it very challenging for energy enterprises to adapt and acclimate to new regulatory, technological and geopolitical conditions. Energy enterprises seeked Moores Rowland help in navigating these uncertain times by providing significant opportunities for their global growth and adaptation.

Moores Rowland covers a broad range of services for oil and gas and other energy companies such as:

  • Performance improvement and cost optimization.
  • Information technology advisory and risk.
  • Risk management and implementation
  • Strategy design and implementation
  • External audit and accounting services
  • Other assurance services
  • Financial advisory services
  • Fraud investigation and dispute services
  • Emerging markets growth opportunities
  • Regulatory compliance and monitoring services
  • Oil and Gas tax services
  • Tax compliance
  • Transfer pricing
  • Strategic execution services

Moores Rowland oil and gas practice consists of wide range of specialty professional with greater focus on assurance, Transaction advisory, Joint venture special reporting frameworks, and tax. Moores Rowland serves a wide range of companies including privately held exploration and production companies, oil field service companies, as well as National Oil companies.

Experienced and dedicated oil and Gas Professionals, or Energy professionals like we usually call them accurately assess and anticipate market trends, circumstances, and geopolitical changes and then seek out our clients to help them manage their enterprise in more efficient way.

Such global industry requires a great extent of mobility; Moores Rowland global resources team matches the needed proper talent to our clients.

Performance improvement and cost optimization:

Financial improvement and optimization: Moores Rowland finance professionals seek out to help energy companies in identifying and efficiently monitoring key business performance drivers. Our goal is to improve the overall financial and reporting management aspect of our clients’ enterprises by way of giving much needed advice and information that are integral to such improvement to take place.

Targeted stream professional: Moores Rowland oil and gas practice includes professionals for all three major sectors of the oil and gas industry, Downstream, Midstream and Upstream, with the larger part of those professionals geared towards upstream clients and enterprises. Our professionals’ help companies manage and optimize cost by instituting industry best practices and assist our clients to adhere to local and international regulations among other forms of venture compliance and risk management.

Information technology advisory and risk (ITAR):

Moores Rowland’s information technology professionals, by using cutting edge technology coupled with targeted industry know-how, help our clients enable key business factors and improve other operational aspects by way of proper and operative Information technology organization. The three main aspects of our ITAR services are typically to measure, enable and improve efficiencies that increase shareholder value. Typical types of services include application optimization, consolidation management, and IT security services.

Risk Management:

Moores Rowland recognizes that risk management has a broader aspect than just protecting an enterprise in that it should also enhance and develop a business. Moores Rowland risk management professionals seek to assist our clients by advising on business risks within a specific industry, our risk professional also provide services that can assist those companies develop, manage, and capitalize on prevalent risks. The risk service line can be divided into three areas typically risk assessment (to assess the risk arising from a certain process, procedures, activity, or a multiple of all), risk monitoring (typically involves an evaluations of processes doings and whether related controls are operating as intended), and risk improvement (involves the design and implementation of control improvements as they relate to business goals).

Organization development and change:

Using market best practices, our professionals help our clients across all areas of human capital management, talent acquisition and management, as well as succession planning and design. Those services are typically executed through close collaboration with management in support of our clients their oil and gas leadership teams.

Strategy design and implementation:

Moores Rowland’s strategic professional teams have a comprehensive and deep understanding of our clients business, operations, and risks, as well as market industry specific practices. By leveraging on this knowledge, they seek out to support our clients in defining, designing, and implementing their strategic vision.

External audit and accounting services:

Our knowledge of the oil and gas industry represents on a consolidated basis our historical services, efforts, talents, locations, and clients. We pride ourselves to be in a leadership position by way of having firsthand insights and knowledge of the energy markets and geopolitical assessments. By providing assurance or audit services directly for energy industries or for supporting industries, we have obtained the sufficient knowledge and developed from auditing these enterprises leading practices within the industry

A targeted approach: Keeping efficiency at heart, we have developed a very efficient and effective methodology favorable to the energy market players. Our methods require us to be driven with the goal of identifying and tackling head on, those areas where we believe we have identified a high risk of material misstatement.

Agility and mobility: Although we are not dominant in the oil and gas sector, however, talents, knowledge and values have allowed us to invest and develop stronger networks across the oil and gas territories. The organizational size and local presence within petro-territories provides us with seamless opportunities and ease of movement of our resources that best fit our clients.

Trading commodities emphasis: Our experience in commodity trading is summarized by providing Accounting and assurance services to several regional and international enterprises, our professionals have a deep understanding and experience with which our trading industry client operate in as well as the most recent challenges player in the industry face. Further, our knowledge enables us to know those key risks which face our trading client organizations.

Other assurance services:

Other assurance services related to the energy industry include statutory audits, SOX and other regulatory compliance when applicable, Process and controls assessments, IT assurance (ITA), outsourced processes and controls, performance measurement.

Moores Rowland teams and professionals, over the course of our audit, examine processes and outcomes of risks assessments not directly related to finance in an effort to check whether or not business non-financial risks were appropriately addressed in adherence to the business goals. The internal monitoring mechanism is typically reviewed and tested for management information and reporting adequacy. Our professionals also strive to provide formal and information advice for areas of improvement with the cost-benefit principle at heart.

Financial Advisory Services (FAS):

Whether it is accounting or finance related, our FAS team leverages an excess of expertise to deliver personalized and tailored specialists assistance and integrate solutions that can help our clients, manage and navigate through ever-growing complex business environments and reporting challenges. Moores Rowland’s team constitutes of multi-disciplined professionals who possess a deep and comprehensive knowledge of the sector. A few solutions we provide under FAS:

Accounting and finance processes – typically geared towards the design of financial reporting processing as well as providing enhancements that better reflect industry standards and generally accepted principles as well as International Financial Reporting Standards.

Local and international accounting standards and other regulatory requirements – Moores Rowland typically supports business in implanting new accounting standards, pronouncements, and regulations, be it a publically held enterprise, or a private held organization.

Investment and Treasury services – Moores Rowland provides advice and services in form of consultations or outsourced talent for the treasury and investments corporate areas which are typically considered complex and risky areas such as derivative valuation, commodity trading risk management, and regulatory compliance (local and international) such as Basel III, and Federal Reserve Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review (CCAR).

Accounting framework conversion – Moores Rowland international presence enables it to provide accounting framework conversation by way of identifying accounting differences, assessing local requirements and effect on business processing by preparing the initial set of financial statements under a different framework.

Restructuring and asset financing services – Moores Rowland assists companies to undertake asset restructuring and financing in connection with asset purchases

Initial public offerings (IPOs) and financial reporting assistance – We address key account challenges and other regulatory issues that arise in connection with mergers, IPO, and other transactional activities.

Fraud Investigation and Dispute Services:

In light of unique legal and regulatory challenges among other challenges encompassing the oil and gas industry such as the complexity of governmental contractual relationships, suppliers, and partners, entity compliance is an aspect that requires a large extent of management focus.

Moores Rowlands’ forensic practice teams provides the necessary talent and expertise to navigate through disputes, supervisor’s enquiries and investigations, as well as background investigation geared towards accepting new partners.

Emerging markets growth opportunities oil and gas:

Moores Rowland services in emerging markets diversify as follows:

Before-market pump services: this includes survey research, process equipment manufacturing opportunities and acquisition opportunities finders.

After-market pump services: this includes revealing hidden value, open opportunities for pump distributors and centrifugal pumps growth excellence.

Totally integrated digital oil field: this includes guidance on how to adopt totally integrated digital oil field and its challenges, information on key competitors in a fragmented markets as well as legal disclaimers.

Regulatory compliance and monitoring services:

In engineering and Geological sector services related to:

  • Program optimization
  • Recommended remediation
  • Formation evaluation
  • Risk assessment analysis
  • Facility operating audit
  • Feasibility for Capital increase
  • Enhanced oil recovery oversight
  • Engineering and geological assessments
  • Practice management plans

In operations services:

  • Supervision and program design
  • Inactive operations and programming
  • Neutralizing operations
  • Facility monitoring and inspection services
  • Pipeline integrity valuation
  • Vent testing and remediation
  • Compliance management and assurance

In advisory services:

  • Inactive well compliance services (IWCS)
  • Licensee liability Rating (LLR)
  • Amendments and operating compliance
  • Risk assessment and mitigation programs
  • Pre-acquisition inspection assessment
  • Regulatory compliance management plan
  • Audit and field inspection
  • Project management
  • Compliance action plans
  • Professional practice management plan.

In field services:

  • Services for wells and pipelines
  • Facility compliance audit
  • Field monitoring programs
  • Field compliance assurance and gap analysis
  • Asset inventory valuation
  • Field contractor oversight
  • Measurement audit services

Regulatory filing and declaration services

  • Third party documentation and notification
  • Digital data submission (DDS)
  • Regulatory compliance audit and reporting
  • Compliance assurance

Oil and gas remediation tax service:

Moores Rowland is well-known for its oil and gas visional advice and industry experience across the world. Our work with the industry value chain of oil and gas and oil field serving companies gave us deep experience in this sector. Our knowledge may assist your business with whole tax service matters which affects the oil and gas industry. Our tax and industry experts are able to support your company to abide and properly implement evolving tax, strategy, planning, risk management, and regulatory matters.

Tax compliance and reporting:

Moores Rowland professionals may assist corporates in oil and gas industry to comply with corporate income taxes, royalty, production taxes, and tax calculations and reporting. Tax compliance and reporting is a big hassle for gas and oil companies where we understand the complexity of the industry to access visibility and control, and so we apply our approach which combines local requirements with international best practices requirements.

Transfer Pricing:

The oil and gas business global nature is relevant to continuous flow of products and services that surpass borders and business entities. Today the continuous pressure of regulatory bodies on oil and gas corporates in scrutinizing and monitoring, oil and gas corporates need to organize and document analysis to defend their selves. Our experts assist oil and gas corporates cross over the tax systems of different countries to avoid risks and costs.

Oil and gas transaction advisory services:

Our global experts in transaction advisory services have conducted several transaction advisory service assignments to global Oil and Gas corporates in several cross border deals. We provide independent advice to assist our clients develop, achieve growth, increase profit and acquire competitive advantage and value. In an evolving regulatory and industrial requirement, our services comprise the following:

Corporate advisory: we provide internal decisions review, portfolio gaps identification, portfolio asset evaluation, and create competitive advantage.

Due diligence: All mergers and acquisitions need a due diligence report, to assure that figures are free of misstatements, and also advices needed on the transactions, joint ventures, and associations coalitions. Support the buy inn and buy outs as well as preparation of financial position.

Integration: The portfolio readjustment is needed whenever a merger or an acquisition is conducted as well as analysis needed after a merger and acquisition operation.

Raising Capital: elevating the capital needs of a business, working capital, cash flow development to cover the needs of the portfolio, assets and project’s needs is part of the services we provide to oil and gas industry.

Tax advisory: securing tax structuring advices on the local and international level, as well as transaction planning, risk management, tax planning strategies and fiscal advisory services. Provide consultation in linking business operations with tax planning. Assist in managing tax liability to improve sustainable growth.


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