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Member Firms


Moores Rowland member firms support:

We support our members to increase their efficiency and improve their operations processes and profit margins through the following:

  1. Benchmarking: Moores Rowland benchmarking tool assists members to maximize their success and they get an annual management survey that assists members concentrate on data and information extracted from brainstorming.
  2. Peer assistance system
  3. Training and continuous professional education through several networking forums, meetings and training courses. Courses include:
  • Leadership: Effective manager, effective partner and business development.
  • Technical: Audit and IFRS training as well as Tax.
  • Operational: Marketing, Technology, Branding.
  • People and culture: Team building, human resources empowerment.
  • Family business: Succession planning and culture.
  1. Credential resources and experienced professionals in diversified industries to support member firms in tendering and services provided.

Giving Members:

With the global economic crises and the accelerating competition trends, businesses are continuously looking for an extra benefit from their professional service provider firm.

Moores Rowland Members can differentiate themselves from their competitors by providing a broad range of professional service help worldwide, through having access to colleagues who have extensive expertise.

We serve leading businesses, governments, non-governmental organizations, and not-for-profits. We help our members improve their performance and realize their most important goals. Over more than a century, we were able to build a unique firm equipped to this task.

Moores Rowland members are experts in their local markets and they are knowledgeable in Audit, consulting, legal, outsourcing services, tax advisory as well as specialist advisory services and their vision covers and mitigate the globalization challenges and the international needs.

All Moores Rowland member firms partners are experienced in advising clients on their international and local business issues. We try to cover the bridge gap of culture and language and play the role of the vital catalyst when parties negotiate together.

Moores Rowland membership facilitates working together to provide high-quality services on a global level to local and international clients, through retaining advantages of being local businesses – including being knowledgeable about local laws, regulations, standards and practices.

Moores Rowland has a consistent approach when recruiting and developing our people, regardless of where they are based. This ensures that we can deliver the right team, with the right experience to every client, anywhere in the world.


Through our network, we hire professionals in the audit, finance legal, human resources, IT and tax advisory and other fields each year, where 70 % are fresh graduates starting their career with our firm and the rest 30% are experienced professionals looking to improve their skills and experience. We employ people from all backgrounds such as arts, business, economics, engineering, finance, health, information technology, law and more.

We are proud to say that part of who join our firm are attracted with our history and credibility and the other part are attracted to our quality of clients and process we adopt as well as to the diversity of work that is conducted by our people and the personal skills development and the opportunity to work internationally..

To keep growth going we believe that investing in our people is essential, and so we push our people to reach their full potential. Our culture concentrate continuously on team based learning and internal feedback. We make sure our teams receive innovational technical and professional training as well as leadership skills to improve their emotional intelligence. We believe that with the improvement of our people our service to clients improves too.

We believe that each one is responsible to create and sustain a comprehensive defensible culture and so we encourage diversity and consider this philosophy as our distinctive characteristic method.

Past, Present & Future:

Moores Rowland long history as well as its clear future vision is in fact a unique combination of history, vision and future that puts the network in the best place.

Anyone who looks at our track record to see how we performed and still, as a business, should believe that we are the place to work with and joining our firm is a life time opportunity.

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