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How can Moores Rowland Help?


Business Plan Studies:

Moores Rowland business advisors team can help your company develop a new business plan strategy that would include the SWOT analysis concentrating on the Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats related to your company. This plan would include growth guide concentrating on your new markets dynamics and define goals and desires.

Today with a globalized open market, companies need guidance in navigating and identifying key markets to promote their products as well as assessing feasible products and services and appropriate prices that suit the intended market.

Entering new markets enclose difficulties related to regulations, unforeseen risks and lack of local culture knowledge.

Data analyses effects:

With the open source of information in the world, successful companies rely mostly on their ability in analyzing their data information to create objective goal sets to empower their competitive advantage and improve company’s performance. And so in order to take the right decisions based on facts, a company needs to manage data in their organization.

Knowledge on how to provide customer service:

  • Accept that your customer is always right unless breaching ethics.
  • Be kind with your customer.
  • Become a partner with your customer.
  • Be honest and transparent with your customer.
  • Follow up your promise with your customer.
  • Interact with your customer.
  • Listen to your customer.
  • Prepare your customer.
  • Respect your customer
  • Support your customer

Business Models, Business Strategy and Innovation:

New established business need to use special business models to attract customers and seduce them to buy, own or receive their value creation and so exchange payments to profits. The business model has to be linked to the business strategy. Today with an open economy world, businesses have to be more clients centric oriented, especially that customers are able to easily find substitutes through the internet. It is clear that without business models that meet the expectations of customers, a company will not be able to succeed.

Using data analysis intelligently to improve competitive advantage:

Data is a key to productivity and efficiency to achieve future success. Data information provides the capability to analyze and retrieve the needed information from accumulated data to gain and improve competitive advantage. This is applicable in most industries and it is subject to the accuracy of information. This paradigm reshapes business efficiency and therefore it is important to invest in the companies IT systems to store structured, transparent and retrievable data. Improving advanced analysis applications immediately may enable companied to modify their strategies in marketing or production.

Information as an asset:

Information is an asset that has a financial value where it increases with the number of people who are using it. Companies have to modify their culture to accept that Data information is an asset. Information is an intangible asset that has to be treated as a valuable part of the assets.

Data reflect on all business aspects such as customer service, supply chain, competitive advantage, branding etc.….

Capitalizing on Big Data promise:

Big data promise and Interneting everything is certainly vital for data well-defined decision making, where it may shift a company from being reactive to become proactive through prediction. Once trends are understood then directing companies become based on business models.

Put Predictive Analysis to Work:

Companies are adopting more often the projected analysis in a broader way. Operational decision making systems are used to improve customer service. Many analysis teams rely on effective and efficient process to create predictive analytic models to operationalize analysis.

Operationalizing analysis has three elements:

– Common problem definition framework.

– Develop several predictive analysis models.

– A consistent structured design to manage production analysis.

Should Big Data be capitalized?

Data with high volume and variety may be capitalized to demonstrate the difference between Big Data and large datasets. That is why some people prefer to capitalize Big Data.

How Leading Companies use big data:

Moores Rowland believe that big data, if properly organized, extracted and analyzed, enable companies advance on their competitors to become best in their tier. Raising the quality of services and products, in this era, relies on the companies’ capabilities to accumulate and analyze big data to enable them take better decisions and increase their competitive advantage among their competitors.

Systems and tools to support data analysis:

Moores Rowland may assist in securing many solutions and platforms that support data analysis, and categorize the data to assist the company achieve greater insights into its industry and its customer needs through analyzing the data in slices and in dices enabling the company retrieve information in several new formats and ways.

Intelligence capability to predict the future:

In a world that is Interneting everything, where markets are dynamic in nature, and where customers are the main drivers for inconsistent behaviors, companies try to predict for the future through industrial innovation to catch up before digital developments and threats take over their business.

Drive revenue and profit growth through business models:

Moores Rowland assist its clients increase and sustain organic revenues and growth whether it is a new company or not. Several big companies benefited from our experience in tripling their profits and improve their revenues and cash flow.

Best information use for innovation:

Innovation is an idea that addresses certain challenges to achieve value for companies and their customers and in most cases they are related to technologies and business models.

Risks, raising capital for R&D, studies and trials are challenging especially in emerging markets.

Creative techniques to attract and retain talents:

Moores Rowland provides new techniques to develop and retain talented employees to build market leading business, since it is well known that key talented employees’ turnover is very expensive to companies and retaining high talents in managerial positions is challenging to most companies.

CRM systems:

Moores Rowland Customer relationship management (CRM) services intends to provide technologies, practices, strategies and techniques that are used to manage and analyze related customer data history with the company in order to improve business relationship with customers.

Implement governance and compliance programs:

In principle internal compliance structure decrease the incidents of misconduct within companies, but practice showed that the verification of incidents doesn’t prohibit misconduct practices and on the contrary the preventive practice may serve to cover window dressing activities that provide market legality, and so applying proper governance and compliance programs assist in preventing misconduct activities.

Manage changes in International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS):

Moores Rowland assists our members in preparing accurate and timely financial statements for their clients in accordance with IFRS. We provide our members with the most up-to-date information on all changes of International Financial Reporting Standards and the standard setting process. We developed several resources to assist in the preparation of financial statements in accordance of IFRS.

Accounting functions quality control improvement:

Accounting functions are related to all aspects of business activities where all business activities must be linked to an accounting quality control. Accounting functions have a major impact on the success of business. Financial management has to monitor quality standards compliance to ensure accuracy of accounts.

Develop market-driven compensation programs:

Compensation programs intend to retain key talents and apply consistent HR polices as well as linking compensation to results. Many companies wonder whether they need to base their compensation on internal equity or market standard. Successful international companies need to balance compensation on equity and market standard, however market standard pay system requires market data on minimum 50% of the jobs of the company.

Sustainable and responsible investment:

Moores Rowland believes that environmental, social and good governance affects investment portfolios, and there are six principles that are governed by the United Nations and that may align investors with objectives of society to reflect the increasing relevance of environmental, social and good governance on investments.

Transform human capital:

With today’s technologies developments innovative human capital is giving organizations opportunities to reconsider transformational processes. Intelligent management should enhance HR systems solutions. Nowadays HR systems have diverse set of applications that include data management, life cycle transactions benefits and payroll processing, performance goals, recruiting, compensation plans, onboarding, and workforce planning.

Align talent with strategy to win:

Moores Rowland believes that developing a company requires to change the talents of its employees, its stakeholders and its senior management through a plan to accomplish and maintain the company’s competitive advantage. The way to accomplish this is through integrated talent management which includes conflicting priorities, limited resources and incompatible processes which include employee surveys on organizational culture, regular reviews of organizational processes and polices.

Maximize business’s value:

Moores Rowland may assist its member’s clients who contemplate to sell their business and would like to understand more on how to best Maximize their business value through Moores Rowland transaction advisory services team to use techniques to maximize their business value through concentrating on the competitive advantage factors that distinguish the business from other business such as; strategic fit, cash flow, customers diversity, management depth, recurring revenue stream, desirable products and services, barriers to entry, industry exposure and strategic plan.

Importance of retirement savings:

Achieving a comfortable retirement is a very complicated process and it needs persistence and dedication, because retirement is one of the most issues someone plans for his future, however managing it is a continuous process and responsibility.

Risk management of retirement:

Any investment strategy and wealth plan needs risk management, and so any retirement plan needs risk management to allocate assets to investments and seek potential return that is appropriate to risk appetite. Based on this our insurance professionals are able to assist in identifying potential risks and provide the advice on how to mitigate them.

Governance of retirement obligations:

Strong and good governance are becoming vital for any policy makers to assure that there are no governance loopholes or weaknesses in the retirement’s investments and that the pension system is efficient and reliable. Our governance professionals and experts are able to advice on the seriousness of governance of the retirement funds.

People and organization:

Evolution of human science and organizational structures through research studies outlines the major challenges that are facing management profession. To understand people and organization problems and develop skills in negotiations, spirit teamwork and leadership, companies need concepts and tools to analyze work and leadership experiences in emotional intelligence. Our people and culture trainers and experts are able to assist people working in organizations to improve and excel.

Women moving forward with purpose:

Moores Rowland believes that business can grow through significant communication and connections. Women engagement and role in igniting change to influence how to approach our society business community to grab the opportunity to build our societies. For additional information please visit

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