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Moores Rowland International

71-75 Shelton Street London UK England


Choosing Moores Rowland:

Choosing to work with Moores Rowland gives you an access to an international network of professionals in the audit, accounting, legal and advisory consultant experts in diverse services and industries.

Being among the top ten international auditing and advisory networks in the world, Moores Rowland can enable its client’s open doors all over the world where member firms operate. Each of our network member firms assist, support and advice each other to achieve our objectives. We have the right expert to assist our clients in most of the world and different industry sectors and expertise.

We compete with our colleagues in other big professional networks including the big four to provide worldwide proposals for one company and its subsidiaries all over the world and in different services whether it is related to projects in the fields of: Audit, accounting, taxes, financial advisory, management consulting, outsourcing, legal services, business advisory, corporate governance services, international financial reporting standards (IFRS), International auditing and assurance standards (IAAS), Fiscal advisory, international affairs advisory, transfer pricing, system implementation, human resources consulting, business buy-in and business buy-out services, mergers and acquisitions as well liquidation of companies, and most of the times we succeed with one kind of our proposed services. Our global international office coordinates the proposal with the related members in different countries.

Access to a Global Professional Network:

Our international network enables us to become a worldwide accounting and legal network that focuses on the business issues. We provide extraordinary services that distinguish us from other international networks and our Moores Rowland legal professional group plays an important role in this distinction.

Since our network is focused on the business community we tend to accomplish our work across borders in a straightforward way with the least complications. Also our network includes auditors, lawyers and business consultants from different sectors, who align together in providing the services as a united Moores Rowland firm. The history of our brand name goes back to more than 150 years which gives us clarity while deliberating, pride in our approach, values in our behavior, authenticity while interacting with others, experience while conducting our professions and boldness in our way of thinking. Our network’s backbone is our culture of sharing, cooperating and caring to each other.

Our reputation in the market that is demonstrated by our success and growth with a robust principles and values that were always respected and applied has always distinguished our network among the highest ranked networks in the world and among the top eight professional firms, which is illustrated through our representation all over the world.

Our credibility is also derived through professional surveys and rankings for 2016 of the world leading accounting and professional firms.

Moores Rowland is our network’s name that is used worldwide by our full member firms all round the world, where each one of them is enthusiastic and independent throughout the world; however they collaborate to provide the following services; Audit, Accounting, Business Advisory, Business Buy-in, Business Buy-out, Company and Branch Formation, Corporate Governance, Financial Advisory, Fiscal Advisory, Human Resources Consulting, International Financial Reporting Standards IFRS, International Auditing and Assurance Standards IAAS, International Affairs Advisory, Intellectual property services and research, Legal Services, Liquidation of Companies, Management Consulting, Mergers and Acquisitions, Outsourcing, Payroll Advice and Assistance, Preparation of Employment Contracts, System Implementation, Tax consultation, Tax declaration, as well as Transfer Pricing.

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Telephone#:  +(44) 020 3897 0729


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